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Comman Name: Monk’sHood

Active Principles :- Aconitic acid and Aconitine.

Preparation. :- Essence prepared from the fresh blooming plant.

Duration of Action. :- The action of Aconite is but short, and requires a frequent repetition of the dosein acute cases, while, in chroniccases, the dose is to be repeated from every 24 to 48 hours. Suitable, especially, in fresh cases of sickness.

Antidotes. Chamom., Coffea, Bella.; Wine, Vegetable acids, Coffee.


Q. Enumerate the Mental Picture of an ACONITE lady ?

I like to impress the total mental picture of Aconite through the name of the medicine. Remember “ACONITUM” thence the mental picture will be before your eyes

A – Anxiety.

C – Calmness contraindicates

O – Overwhelming fear.

N – Nash s trio of restless- Acon is mentally restless.

I –   Ignatia like hysterical.

T – Tension is the keynote.

U – Uncommon  peculiar sensations

M – Music makos her sad.

Now to begin the mental symptoms first write mental causations.

Mental causations

  • Fear , Fright [1]
  • Vexation [2](Ref.  Dr.  Talcott)
  • SHOCK [3][4]
  • EXCITEMENT [5][6]


KENT says “Aconite is like a great storm ; it comes, and sweeps over, and passes away.” It is a short-acting remedy : a violent poison in large doses, either destroying life, or passing away in its effects quite soon, so that if the patient recovers, recovery is not delayed. There are no chronic disease following it.( Ref. Tyler)

Aconitum Napellus is Characterized by intensity and acuteness, It was our lamented Dr. Dunham who has compared the onset of Aconite with a violent storm,


A- Anxiety

(Anxiety Means Uneasiness  of mind, apprehension )

The anxiety of Aconite pt.  is due to the internal turmoil and hence the patient is restless.  This anxiousness of the mind is evidenced by her intellectual tension which is reflected as great acuteness of all her senses.  Her senses of smell, sight, touch etc.  becomes exceedingly hyperactive.

In the mental sphere this hyperactivity is specially evidenced as she gets vexed at trifles.

In the physical sphere it is evidenced as slight bearable pain to her becomes unbearable she jumps in agony,  a state of hyperaesthesia. Dr. Hering said due to this mental anxiety she is agonized and tossing about.


Fear of future and forebodings also characterizes this anxiety.

C- Calmness Contraindicates

Dr. Guernsey said, ‘Mental calmness contraindicates Aconite. (Chamo, indicates- Puls.)

Thus whenever Aconite will be the drug of choice,  there must be the mental uneasiness,  mental restlessness,  worry,  anxiety and great fear,  otherwise it is contraindicated.

O- Overwhelming fear

It is one of our leading remedy having different characteristic type of fear.

It has got not that type of fear viz.

  • fear of poverty It has got not like Bryonia,
  • fear of thunder like Phos.;
  • fear of dogs like Bell;
  • fear of approach like Arnica,
  • fear of being alone like Arg Nit., Ars, Crot-c., Hyos., Kali-c., Lyc., Phos KR

but it has got that characteristic fear, that is fear of death with prediction of day and time of death. ( Aco., Arg-n Ref. Kent Rep.)

Dr.  Tyler said,  fear of death may be so great that people have actually killed themselves  for fear of dying.

Hence Aconite  has got fear of death (Ars.,Cale., Cimicifuga, Gels.,Lac Can., Nit.Ac., Phos., Platina) (Ref. Kent’s Repertory)  but the characteristic is patient predicts the day;even the time of death  i .e,  the clairvoyance

Master Kent said  many times the patient actually predicts the moment or hour of death;  if a clock is in the patient’s room, she may say, that when the hour hand reaches a certain point, she will be a corpse.

Dr.Tyler said, it is Aconite patient who calls her friends around her and takes leave of them. Fear of death is such an important feature.

Dr.Farrington said that prediction of hour of the death esp. in childbed is also found in it and can be bracketed with Argentum Nit. and Coffea.

  • Besides this
    1. Fear of darkness(Can-ind., stramo.,  Acon.,  Calc-c., Camph., Carb-an., Carb-v.,  Caust.,  Cup.,  Lyco., Phos., Puls.)
    2. Fear of bed (Acon., Ars., Caust., Cup., Lach.)
    3. Fear of ghost (Acon., Ars.,  Carb-v., caust.,  Lyco.,  Phos., Puls.,  sulph.,)
    4. Fear of going out,  fear of crowd (Acon., Arg-n.,  Lyco.,  Nat-m., Nux-v.,  Puls.) Note Dr Nash said,  ‘fear to go into society’- Anthropophobia
    5. Fear of death in pregnancy (Acon.)
    6. Fear of approaching death (Arg-nit.,  Ars.,  cimic.,  Nit-ac., Sec-cor)(Ref Cowporthwaite).
    7. Fears the loss of reason – leading to mental prostration with weakness of memory,  can not remember dates. (Ref.  Dr.  Taloott’s Mental diseases).

N – Nash’s trio of restless

The Trio of restless is Acon, Ars Alb and Rhus Tox,”

Aconite is mentally restless, where

Rhus Tox is physical restless and

Arsenic is restless both mentally and physically

thus the trio of restless is Acon Ars Alb,  and Rhus Tox,

Dr.  E.  B.  Nash said,fear, as much as the pain that makes  the pt.  so full of that agonized restlessness.

Dr N.  M.  Chowdhury said,  the impatience and anxiety makes the pt.  restless.  She throws herself about and constantly changes the position The true reason of this restlessness is to be found in a state of internal turmoil and anxiety and agony. She moans and laments,  screams and shouts,  not knowing what to do and how to find consolation.

In such a case mental restlessness,  Aconite will be the drug of choise ;-give her drug-it will cure.

I- Ignatia like hysterical

Aconite patient is also inclined to be hysterical. (Caust.,  Gela.,  lgn., Lach.,  Nat-mur.,  Nit-ac.,  Nux-vom., Puls.,  Sep., Sil.)

Dr .N.M.Chowdhury said, great variation of mood and temperament. She in cheerful this minute, weeps the next. she is sad and taciturn now but gay and loquacious the next moment.

Master Kent said, sometimes Aconite patient looses all her affection, which leads to a state of indifference-this state is also characterized by hysterical mood.

Dr. Talcott said patient moves from dry anguish to exuberant tears.

T- “Tension is the keynote.”

Dr.  Huge said,  tension is the key note of Aconite pt.(-congestion is the keynote of Bell.). This tension is mentally evidence by intense restlessness,  inconsolable anxiety,  acute imagination and fears.

U-Uncommon peculiar sensations

lt has got some peculiar sensations.  viz.

  1. All the intellectual functions are going on in the region of the stomach.
  2. Some parts of the body is deformed e.g.,  a limb is displaced, lips are too thick. (Ref. Farrington).

M- Music makes her sad.

Music is unbearable for Aconite pt. ; it makes her sad (Acon., Graph.,  Dig.,  Kreos.,  Nat-c.,  Thuja.)(-music >Aurum.,  Tarant.)

Note. 1:


  Master Kent has pointed to note the countenance of Aconite,  which is expressive of fear.  Fear depicted upon her countenance.

Note.  2:

Dr.  Kent reported that every mental condition is marked by intensity. If it is a delirium,  thence it is intense;-thus Dr. Farrington said the intensity of these symptoms denotes overexcitement of brain,  common enough to hysterical patients.

Note. 3:

      Master Kent said,  this type of mental picture is always present in pneumonia, inflammatory conditions of any part , or kidney,  liver,  bowels etc.

Note.  4:

In case of females amenorrhoea in plethoric young girls  after fright is a marked feature.

Note.  5:

Our immortal Master Hahnemann said

“whenever Aconite is chosen homoeopathically, you must above all,  observe   the moral symptoms,  and be careful that it closely resembles them;  the anguish of mind and body:  the restlessness;  the disquiet not to be allayed”.


Master Kent said even congestion of parts as a result of fear.  A turmoil affecting the whole sensorium.



As Master Kent said rheumatism or facial neuralgia comes on from the dry cold wind-thus lot us imagine of a man,  driving his car the weekend to enjoy the week-end holidays but due to exposure to dry cold-wind,  facial neuralgia results: -hence let us consider Aconite as a work-end remedy and we will take up the tips, “Friday and Saturday” as week-end,  thus through this tips allow me to enumerate the guiding symptoms of Aconite,

F- Fear.

R- Restlessness.

I- Intensity of action.

D- Dry hot skin.

A- Aggravation & Amelioration

Y- Yielding ailments.

S- Sanguine temperament with sedantary life.

A- Active haemorrhage

T- Tension.

U- Unquenchable thirst.

R- Red face becomes pale.

(Here Day is common)

F- Fear.

Great fear and anxiety mind with great nervous excitability is the characteristic of Aconite patient into a crowd where there is any Afraid to go out excitement of many people.

It has got fear of death in acute disease,  foar of darkness(Caust),

  • fear of ghost
  • fear to cross the street(Arg.  Nit),
  • fear to cross a bridge,
  • fear of death in pregnancy
  • Fear of future.
  • Fear of tho fright remains op.  Stramo,

Life is rendered memorable for Acon.  patient due to foar He is sure hin disease will prove fatal,  products the day and moment of death. Aconite ,  patient is restless anxious Restlessness does everything in a groat hante,  must change position often everything startles him.  one of tho Nash s trios of wrestlers medicines(other being Arpino a Rhus Tox).

R- Restlessness.

Aconite patient is restless, anxious, does  everything in a great haste, must change position often, everything  startles  him.

It is one of the Nash’s trios of restless medicines ( others being Arsenic & Rhustox).

Aconite is restless  mentally-(Rhus Tox is restless physically mentally Arsenic  is  restless both physically  &  mentally) Aconite patient it is impatient and his impatience makes him restless (Raf. Dr N M Chowdhury ) Aconite pains are intoleration,  is also one of the Nash trio of greatest pain remedy (others are chamomilla and Coffee).

They drive him crazy. patient becomes restless at night due to this pain,  with agony and mental anxiety our immortal Master Hahnemann says whenever Aconite is chosen homoeopathically you must above all observe the moral symptoms,  and be careful that it closely resembles them,  the anguish of mind and body the restlessness, the disquiet not to be allayed.”


It is interesting to note that Master Kent in his Repertory classed Acon in first grade,  under sub-rubric aversion to motion(Acon Ars Bell 1.  Bry 1,  Cale i,  Lach.  Nux Vom 1,  Ruta.  Sil., Sul., Baryta., Carb Veg., China., Gels.  Graph Lyc,  Nat Mur Thuja.)

I- Intensity of actiont

Acon is indicated in the first stage of any acute disease which starts suddenly and violently like a storm.  Dr.  Kent says that the patient seems to be threatened with a sudden and violent death,  but recovery is quick.  So,  was observed by Dr Dunham.  it is like a great storm Dunham’s discussion of this remedy in his Materia Medica is WYo very poetical It has got no periodicity,  nor any wave Red Tyler).

Note.1  Acon is the acute of Sulphur and both precedes conditions.  and follows it in acute inflammatory

Note.2 Acon.  is the drug for the congestive stage of inflammation before localisation takes place(Ref Nash)

D- Dry and hot skin

Dry and hot skin with rare sweat(Nash)  There is dren bility ching sweat,  especially on parts laid on, (Master Kent in his Repertory classed,  perspiration on the affected parts Ambra, Ant T ,  Merc, Rhus Tox ),  which relieves(Boericke)(NetMur.  Psor), (Master Kont in his Repertory said.  symptoms ameliorates while sweating.  Bry., Cup’, Gels ,  Nat Mur Rhus Tox.,  Acon Ars.  Chamo Graph.,  Lach.’,  Hep Thuja.  Verat.

Note Cold sweat,  icy coldness of face may be observed in Acon patient.  It is mostly found in febrile condition Amelioration

A- Aggravation & Amelioration

< in the evening.

< at night

< in the warm room

> by uncovering

>in the open air(Alum..  Mag C.,  Puls..  Sab.)

 Y- Yielding ailments

Acon.  diseases caused by exposure to dry cold air(Ars Chamo.  Camph.  Caust Rumex.  Sil..  Hepar.  Psor.,  China),  dry north or west wind or exposure to draught of cold air,  bad effects of checked perspiration(Bellis.  Dulc,  Rhus Tox.  Baryta Carb.),  fear,  fright,  shock.  heat of the sun,  excitement,  injury,  surgical operation etc.

Note.1 Paralysis from exposure to dry cold wind(acute effect)  (-chronic effect,  Caust).

Note.2 Master Kent said,  complaints come on suddenly from the very cold weather of winter or from the intense hot.

S- Sanguine temperament with sedentary life.

Aconite is generally indicated in acute or recent cases occuring in young persons, especially girls of a full, piethoric habit. who lead a sedentary life; persons easily affected by atmospheric changes, dark hair and eyes, rigid muscular fibre and of sanguine temperament {quick in act ion and perception).

A- Active haemorrhage.

It has got active haemorrhage from any part of the body both internal and external ;  uterus or other places in stout plethoric patients. The character of the blood is pure, and bright red, accompained  by fear of death and nervous excitability. (Master Kent classed Aconite under second grade, in  the rubric, haemorrhage under generalities,   Aeon.Bell., Calc.  Crbo Veg., China., Crot., Fer., Ham ,  Ipec.,  Lach., Merc.Cor., Mill.,  Nat.Mur., Nit.Ac., Nux Vom., Phos., Puls., Sabina., Sec., Sulph., Apis., Arg.N., Brv., Chamo., Dulc., Graph., Psor. RhusTox., sil., Tril.).

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