Mental picture of ANTIM CRUD.

Remember mental picture of  ” ANTIM CRUD “ through  the name of the medicine.

A – Angry child.

N – No desire to live.

T – Timidity.

I – Irresistable desire to talk in rhymes.

M – Moonlight <.

C – Commits suicide by drowning.

R –  Repeat verses.

U – Unsatisfied.

D –  Dull.

1 Mental Causations :

Bad  effects   of    disappointment   of   love

Hyos. , Ign. , Nat.Mur. , Phos.Ac. , Aur. ,    Cal.p ,   Hell. ,   Lach. , Staph. ,  Caust. ,  Nux Vom.).       

Love sick 


Love with silent grief

Ign. , Nat. Mur. ,  Phos Ac. .

2 Character:

A – Angry child :

Antim Crud. is a medicine suits for extremes of life (Verat. Alb. ) – affecting child and aged. Hence Antim Crud. child  bears a peculiar mentality.

It can be compared with the race of swine for the virtue of the fact that it inclines to grow fat and moreover  its typical obstinacy.

The child is

  • angry and obstinate.
  • fretful,
  • peevish,
  • can’t bear  to be  touched  or to be  looked at.
  • sulky,
  • does not wish to speak or be spoken to ( Ant.Tart.; lod.; Sil. ).
  • Angry at every little attention.
  • Becomes angry at silly matters,
  • ill-humour characterizes the angry child .

Note.1:  Dr.Farrington said this peevish mental state is associated with nausea, hot and red face and irregular pulse.

Note.2:  Dr.Farrington said the child is particularly cross when washed in cold water.

N – No desire to live  :

It is tiger prescriber Tyler Kent who has elucidated the picture.

Master Kent said, it produces a very serious state of mind, an absence of the desire to livePt.  says, ‘Oh. doctor, if I could only die’ -such an aversion, loathing  of  life is confined to Ant. Crud, pt.

Note.1:  Master Kent said this state is especially found in a low, lingering, continued fever  such as typhoid. Such a typhoid will sometimes be seen in young girls about puberty. who are threatening to go into chlorosis. They have loathing of life. but it is a hysterical loathing of  life.

Note.2:  Dr. Henry Clarke said disgust of life, with  an incli­nation to blow one’s brain out, to drown oneself. Great anxiety about his fate and inclination to shoot himself.

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