Basics of Homoeopathic Repertory

What is ​Homoeopathic repertory ?

Repertory – an index to Materia Medica

Homoeopathic repertory is an index,  a catalogue,  or a dictionary of symptoms of homoeopathic Materia Medica,  where the symptoms are arranged systematically along with the indicated medicines(with respective gradation)  to facilitate quick but correct selection of the similar medicine.

Glen Irving Bidwell says- “It is like a dictionary a book of nature relating the meaning of myriads of pathological phenomena.  It is a grand key for successful exploration of homoeopathic remedies”.


Repertory word meaning

Repertory word meaning

The word ‘Repertory’  originates from the Latin word (80 B.  C to A.  D.  200) “Repertoir” or late Latin (200 to 600 A.  D)  word Repertorium. “Repertorium”  again is derived from the Latin word ‘Repertus’  which is the past participle of Reperire.  ‘Reperire’  is the combination of the words ‘Re’  means ‘again’  and ‘Parire’  means “produce”.  So Reperire or Repertus or Repertorium or Repertory means re-production.

The meaning of “Repertory”  or “Repertoir”  given in Webster’s Dictionary reads a list of songs,  plays,  operas,  or the like,  that a person or a company is prepared to perform;  also such ‘pieces’  collectively. The meaning of ‘pieces’ is a literary,  a dramatic,  a musical or an artistic composition.

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