Orthopedic Imaging Practical Approach

Orthopedic Imaging Practical Approach

Orthopedic Imaging Practical Approach

English | ISBN: 1451191308 | 2015 | 2449 pages | PDF | 72 MB

Orthopedic Imaging Practical Approach 6thed

Interpret musculoskeletal images with confidence with Orthopedic Radiology: A Practical Approach!

This trusted radiology reference has established itself as an ideal comprehensive source of guidance for radiologists and orthopedists at every level of training.


‘It excels in its ability to mix classic bone radiographic methodology with modern imaging techniques.”Descriptions and classification systems of fractures and dislocations are explained in a clear and concise manner. Carefully blend conventional radiographs, CTs, diagrams, and text in a way that makes the topic readily understandable.”The diagrams are extremely well done and provide just the right amount of detail.”The electronic version is easily manageable on an iPad. Overall, this book is excellent.’ Weighted Numerical Score: 94 – 4 Stars! -Doodys Publishers’ Club, Friday, December 19, 2014 ‘a pragmatic resource for medical students, residents, and the practicing radiologist with an interest in musculoskeletal imaging.’ ‘Reference to new techniques in computed tomography, MR imaging, and functional imaging gives a clear direction on their role in everyday practice.’ ‘a fully accessible electronic version, which is great for access away from the office’ ‘a handy “Practical Points to Remember” section at the end of each chapter that highlights the key concepts of the chapter.’ ‘continues to achieve its aim and is a fantastic resource both for training and practicing radiologists with an interest in musculoskeletal imaging. It is remarkable that the authors have managed to comprehensively cover a large subject and publish a single volume.’ Muaaze Ahmad, MB ChB, FRCR, Radiology: Volume 277: Number 1-October 2015 ‘”practical points to remember” which is invaluable as a ‘must-know’ recap and quick reference’ ‘carefully chosen and beautifully presented radiographs, CT and MR images’ ‘schematic diagrams are incredibly useful and memorable’ ‘this classic textbook lives up to all expectations.’ ‘an easy read and an excellent reference book for day-to-day radiological and orthopaedic practice’ ‘an exceptional buy to trainees and residents.’ Prof James Griffith., 2015 The British Society of Bone & Joint Surgery, http://www.boneandjoint.org.uk/

Orthopedic Imaging Practical Approach


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