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Mental  picture  of   LACHESIS.

I will depict  the  mental  picture  in  your  mind, through  the name of the medicine – LACHESIS .

L – Loquacity, Lascivious.

A – Anguish of mind.

C – Control of superhuman power.

H – Hyoscyamus like jealous and suspicious  (+++)

E – Extraordinary weakness of memory (Clarke).

S – Sleep into aggravation.

I – Irritable.

S – Snake dreams.

I. Mental Causations :

i) Long lasting grief, lamentation.

ii) Bad effects of sorrow.

iii) Fright.

iv) Vexation.

v) Jealousy.

vi) Disappointment of love

vii) Bad effects of poison.

Note: Especially in young women and girls who have met with disappointment, who have been lying awake nights because of disturbance of the affections, or from shattered hopes, or from grief.

II. Character

L – Loquacity, Lascivious.

      Lachesis patient has got frantic loquacity, talks all the time without any relevancy or consistency. Succession of ideas very rapidly goes on or fluctuates in the sensorium. Master Kent classically compared the loquacity between lachesis and Crotalus Horridus. Both have loquacity, but the lach. loquacity is so rapid that if  anyone in the room com­mence to tell something the pt. will take it up and finish the story, although he has never heard anything  about it. No one is permitted to finish a story in the presence of a Lach. patient, one  will commence to tell something Lachesis will say, oh. yes! I understand it, and he will  go off on another line and finish  up with  something entirely  different. Crotalus Horridus does that too but Crotalus will take it up and mumble and stumble over his words in a clumsy manner.

   Sometimes women will annoy her intimate friends, day and night. with this story of the damnation of her soul and her wickedness and all the awful things she has done. If  you allow her to go through with her story, she will tell you all the crimes in the calendar that she has commited although she has been a well behaved and well disposed woman.

    Our lamented Kent said, there is another kind of loquacity belongs to Lachesis – the pt. is impelled to talk continuously, pt.  is  compelled to hurry in everythingShe does and wants everybody else to hurry, with that state of  hurry is brought out the loquacity. Sentences are sometimes only half-finished, she takes it for granted that you understand the balance and she will hurry on. Most extraordinary loquacity, making speeches in very select phrases, but jumping off to most heterogeneous subjects. One word often leads into a midst of another story.

Dr.Clarke said there is want of self-control and lasciviousness.

Note. 1: Dr. Farrington said loquacity is commonly followed by depression and by weakness, which amounts to a typhoid state, then comes delirium but not of the violent of Belladonna type.

Note. 2: You will see if you talk with one who  is intoxi­cated with Whiskey – symptoms will be like Lachesis – he stum­bles through, hardtv realizing what he says, halfly finishes his word, leaving his ‘g’s tell you first one thing, then  another.

Note. 3: These states may come on in acute diseases or they may come on in conditions like diphtheria or in any of the diseases that are characterized by blood poisoning; they may come on in puerperal state, or may take the form of insanity.

A – Anguish of  mind:

There is marked anguish of mind which somewhat> in the open air (Ref.  Clarke). Anguish of mind characterized by uneasiness about one’s own malady to look upon the dark side (Clarke).

Master Kent said this is characterized by melancholy, mental depression – she mediates upon suicide, and finally settles back into an apathetic state in which there is an aversion to everything, to work, even to thinking.

C – Control of superhuman power

Patient thinks she is under the control of  some superhuman power and empowered from heaven to steel or to commit murders. She also have prophetic perception ( Ref. Hering ); whence she commits prophecy. Master Kent said she is compelled to do things by spirits. She hears a command, partly in her dream, that she must carry out. She confess things she never did – she has no peace of mind until she makes a confession of something she has  never done. Imagines she is pursued. Imagines she has stolen somthing and fears the law. She hears voices and warnings, and in the night the dreams about it.

This prophetic perception leads to a state of religious insanity. You will find a clean, sweet old lady who always liked what would be called pious life, yet she is not able to apply the promises that are in the word of God to herself­ these things seems to apply to some body else, but not to her. The state of religious melancholy, with religious insanity, is not uncommonly attended with much loquacity, talkativeness – is commonly among women; very I seldom among men.( Ref. Master Kent ).

Note. :  This state increases until unconsciousness comes on and  the  patient  enters into a coma from which  he can not be aroused.

H – Hyoscyamus like jealous and suspicious

It is again that delightful writer, Master Kent who expresses the jealousy in a masterly fashion. Dr. Clarke said frantic jealousy. patient is jealous without any reason, unwarranted jealousy and suspicionSuspicion in girls, when they are simly suspicious of their girl friends. Our Lach. patient can never sees a whispered conversation going on but they are talking about her, to her detriment, suspects that they are contriving to injure her. A woman imagines that her friends, husband, and children are trying to damage her; Dr. Farrington  said she will refuse the medicine you offer. She thinks her friends are going to put her in an insane asylum. Imagines  her relatives are trying to poison her and she refuses to eat. Master Kent said, she thinks  sometimes that it is only a dream and she can hardly say wheather she dreamed it or she thinks it. Dr. Clarke said she fears of being poisoned.

Master Kent in his masterpiece,”Repertory” kept Lach. in first grade in suspicious ( Acon., Ars.,  Baryta;   Bry.,  Caust., Lach.,    Lyco.,   Puis..  R.T.,  Sec..  Stramo.,   Sulph.,   Hyos.) jealousy, Hvos.”. Lach.”, Apis.”,  Nuxvom.”,   Puls.”,  Stramo.”  ).

Note.: Dr. N.M. Chowdhury cured a case of  puerperal. insanity of  a  jealous lady whose  entire mental phenomena revolved round one idea of her husband being faithless to her. Lachesis came forward to rescue her.

E – Extraordinary weakness  of memory

Dr. Clarke said extraordinary  weakness of memory, every­ thing that is heard, even orthography  is no longer remembered and there is forgetfulness even of the things on the point of utterance. This weakness of memory also characterizes con­fusion of time-mistakes are made in speaking and writing. as well as  in  the  hours  of the day of the week. patient makes. mistake in the time of day and confounds the morning hours. with evening hours. There is imbecility and loss of every mental faculty.

S – Sleep  into  aggravation

All the mental conditions are characterized by sleep into aggravation. Kent said the circumstances increased in spring, after a warm bath.

I –  Irritable

Our Lachesis is also irritableMaster Kent classed it in second grade. the self concelt and self consciousness makes her irritable – thus she is full of wickedness.

S – Snake – dreams

Our Lachesis pt. dreams of various snakes. She also dreams that she is dead and in dream preparations are being made to lay her out – about her own funeral. Dr. Farrington said. patient dreams that she is dead and being carried to the burrning place.

Note.: Master Kent said in many cases close connection between the mental symptoms and  the heart symptoms will be noticed.


I will  depict in your mind the totality of Lachesis through the name of the remedy.

L – Left   sided.

A – Aggravation   during and after sleep.

Amelioration  from discharges.

C – Climacteric  ailments, Colour.

H – Haemorrhagic diathesis.

E – Exhaustion  and trembling.

S –  Sensitiveness, suspicious – jealous  & loquacious.

I – Inside ball sensation.

S – Slow fanning desires.

L – Left  sided

Left sidedness of complaints and the direction is left to right.Symptoms begin on the left side and either remain there or proceeds to the right ( Ref: Clarke ).

Left Side principally affected – left ovary left testicle left chest.

Diphtheric membrane appears in the throat , spreading from left to right ( Ref : Kent )

A – Aggravation from sleep ; amelioration from discharges.

Dr.Clarke said, “sleeps into an aggravation ; <after sleep whether by day or night as soon as he falls asleep the breathing stops ” (Am.C. Grind., Lac.C., Op.).

Dr.Nash said, patient says “Doctor, if  I could only keep awake I would never nave another attack.

Dr. Kent remarked, as soon as the patient goes into sleep he rouses up with palpitation, with dyspnoea, with suffoca­tion, with exhaustion, with vertigo, with pain in the back of the head, and many other circulatory disturbances.

Dr. Clarke said that > from the onset of discharges (Zinc) esp. headache, uterine pain > from nasal discharges & menses, respectively.

The other side of this : < from non-appearance of an ex­pected discharge.

Dr. Kent described the menstrual suffering are increased before and after the flow, with amelioration during the flow.

Note. 1 : Dr. Clarke has discussed that the presence of opposite condition (i.e. > after  sleep) does not contrain­dicate Lachesis Wants to close the eyes with the headache, which is > by sleep.

C – Climacteric ailments

It is esp. useful at menopause, – menopausal syndrome.

Climacteric ailments: haemorrhoids, haemorrhages, hot flushes and hot perspiration; burning vertex, headache, esp. at or after the menopause ( San g., Sulph. ).

Women who have not recovered from the change of life “have never felt  well  since that time”  (Ref:   Allen’s  Keynotes).

Note. 1: Blue and purple colour is the characteristic of Lachesis esp. in heart diseases. (Ref. Tyler). It can be coined that the presence of this colour is monopoly symptom in favour of Lachesis.

H – Haemorrhagic diathesis

Haemorrhagic diathesis; small wounds bleed easily and profusely (Crot., Kreos., Phos., China., Ham., Sec.Cor., Ipec., Carb.Veg., Nit.Ac. )

The haemorrhages of Lachesis have this pecularity – they contain flakes of docomposed blood, looking like charred wheat straw. Uterine haemorrhages in typhoid  fever presenting these characters will find similimun in Lachesis (Ref. Clarke).

E – Exhaustion and trombling

Great physical and mental exhaustion, trembling in the whole body, would constantly sink down from weakness; worse in the morning (Sulph., TUb. ), Tremor of the tongue is a leading feature of Lachesis  (Ref  : Clarke ).

S – Sensitiveness, suspicious & jealous, loquacious

Great sensitiveness to touch; throat. stomach. abdomen; can’t bear bed clothes or night-dress to touch throat or abdomen, this is not because of soreness or tenderness as in Apis. or Bell., but clothes causes an uneasiness, makes her nervous.

Dr. Clarke said in uterine affections the patient wants to lift the clothes up, to prevent contact with lower abdomen. Touching the throat in laryngeal affections causes suffocative spasms.

Dr. Kent said that the vision becomes very intense, the hearing becomes intense, the sense of touch esp., becomes over-wrought … the patient becomes extremely sensitive throughout all the senses of the body. The over sensitiveness to touch is probably extensively in the skin … the mere touch of the skin with  the finger or hand is unbearable.

Lach. woman is very jealous and suspicious.

Great Loquacity ( Agar., Stram., Hyos.) is marked in Lachesis patient;  jumps from one idea  to another, one word often leads into another story.

I – Inside ball – sensation

There is a very characteristic symptom in the bladder; felt esp. sensation as if a ball is rolling loose in the bladder or abdomen, on turning over. ( Ref. Clarke ).

Note. 1: Besides this, burning sensation and pain are also leading features throughout  this remedy.

Note. 2 : Sense of constriction is present in Lachesis viz ; throat, heart etc.

S – Slow fanning desires

The least thing coming near mouth or nose interferes with breathing, wants to be fanned, slowly and at a distance ( –  rapidly, Carbo.Veg).


Paralysis : Comparison of Caust. & Lach.

Caust : Lachesis:
Rt. sided; of single part; from exposure to cold wind; after typhoid & diphtheria; drooping of upper eyelid. cannot  keep them open; paralysis of urinary bladder specially sphincter. urethrae; involuntary urination,  patient is not sensi­tive to stream of urine unless he is sure by the touch. Stool passes better while standing. Paralytic symptoms aggravated in clear, fine weather and ameliorate in damp weather.  Left sided paralysis;  after hypertension; sleep aggravates the symptom. cannot wear tight  clothing; tremb­ ling tongue; catches under the teeth while  protruding.

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