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Abies canadensis [Abies-c]

Abies canadensis [Abies-c] Generalities It affects the Mucous Membranes and Nerves. In stomach, it causes a catarrhal condition, which increases the patient's hunger and craving for coarse food, such as pickles, radishes, turnips, etc. Patient wants to lie down, all the time, on account of nervous weakness and feels faint. In…
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homoeopathic alfalfa-tonic-general in Rajkot


Listen Alfalfa [responsivevoice_button voice="UK English Female" buttontext="Listen Alafalfa"] • This medicine favourably influences nutrition, and is considered as a tonic. • Appetite and digestion improves, mental and physical vigour returns, with gain in weight. • It is a useful remedy for neurasthenia, melancholy, nervousness and insomnia. • It increases fat,…
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Lachesis homoeopathic medicine Snake dreams


Listen Lachesis [responsivevoice_button voice="UK English Female" buttontext="Listen Lachesis"] Mental  picture  of   LACHESIS. I will depict  the  mental  picture  in  your  mind, through  the name of the medicine - LACHESIS . L - Loquacity, Lascivious. A - Anguish of mind. C - Control of superhuman power. H - Hyoscyamus like jealous and suspicious  (+++) E…
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Mental Picture of ARGENTUM NITRICUM I like to impress you the entire mental picture through the word - ARGENTUM. A - Apprehension, anxious. R - Reserved, sad. G - Great haste. E - Excitable,easily angered. N - Notions, Nervous, Neglected. T - Tendency to suicide. U - Undue fear of…
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ANTIM CRUD homoeopathic SBL Medicine in Rajkot Gujarat India


Mental picture of ANTIM CRUD. Remember mental picture of  " ANTIM CRUD " through  the name of the medicine. A - Angry child. N - No desire to live. T - Timidity. I - Irresistable desire to talk in rhymes. M - Moonlight <. C - Commits suicide by drowning. R -…
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Platina homoeopathy medicine


Listen Platinum Metallicun [responsivevoice_button voice="UK English Female" buttontext="Listen Platina"]   Comman Name: Platina. Prover: Stapf. Temperament: Sanguine. Miasm: Psora. Relation with heat and cold: Hot. Constitution: It is especially suited to hysterical women such as have undergone fright, prolonged excitement, or from disappointment shock, or sexual organs exceedingly sensitive , or…
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Allium sativum Garlic Homoeopathic Medicine in Rajkot Gujarat India

Allium sativum

Listen Allium sativum [responsivevoice_button voice="UK English Female" buttontext="Listen Allium sativum"]  Garlic. Liliacea. Tincture from the fresh bulb ; used as a condiment since olden times, and against worms and some fevers. Proved in France by Petroz and Teste, 1852. Allium sativum : Garlic MIND Weak memory. Lack of…
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Rhus tox homeopathy medicine in rajkoy

Rhus Tox

Keynotes of Rhus tox Cheerful, joking, lively, quick-witted, friendly, timid. Restlessness, agitation, irritable, frustrated. Serious, hardworking, impatient. Stiff, rigid, morose, compulsive, superstitious, ritualistic. < cold, damp, wet, drafts < cloudy weather > warm, warm bathing < initial motion > continuous motion. Fever blisters about the lips. Triangular red tip of tongue.…
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Aconite Easy memory

Aconitum Napellus

Listen Aconitum Napellus [responsivevoice_button voice="UK English Female" buttontext="Listen Aconite"] Comman Name: Monk'sHood Active Principles :- Aconitic acid and Aconitine. Preparation. :- Essence prepared from the fresh blooming plant. Duration of Action. :- The action of Aconite is but short, and requires a frequent repetition of the dosein acute cases, while, in chroniccases, the dose…
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