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Acidity   Introduction It is a type of indigestion. When the quantity (level) of hydrochloric acid is raise up than its normal level,…
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Dilatation Of The Stomach

Dilatation Of The Stomach Introduction When the internal part of the stomach starts to enlarge till several days, it is called ‘ Dilatation…
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Dysphagia : Introduction Dysphagia difficulty with swallowing refers to problems with the transit of food or liquid from the mouth to the hypopharynx…
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Gastric Ulcer

Gastric Ulcer Introduction In the condition of gastric ulcer, pain and burning sensation takes place in the stomach and just below the chest…
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Introduction of Gastritis The patient suffered from gastritis feels pain in the membrane of the duodenum. There are two types of gastritis :- Acute…
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Homeopathy for Abdominal pain

Abdominal pain is a feeling of discomfort along with pain in the part of the body between lower chest and pelvis. The abdominal…
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