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Anxiety Disorders Definition Symptoms Cause Diet Regimen Homeopathic Medicine Homeopath Treatment In Rajkot India

Anxiety Disorders

“Understanding Anxiety Disorders: A Comprehensive Guide to Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment”

This article provides a comprehensive overview of anxiety disorders, exploring the different types, their symptoms, underlying causes, and available treatment options. Whether you’re seeking information for yourself or a loved one, this guide aims to empower you with knowledge and resources for effectively managing anxiety.

Homeopathic Treatment for Anxiety Disorders: A Natural and Effective Approach

Discover how homeopathy can offer a safe and effective alternative for managing anxiety disorders. This comprehensive article explores the principles of homeopathy, commonly used remedies, and the benefits of this holistic approach. Learn how to find a qualified practitioner and embark on your journey towards natural anxiety relief.

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Depression Definition Symptoms Cause Diet Regimen Homeopathic Medicine Homeopath Treatment In Rajkot India


Depression Definition Depression is defined as a clinical condition characterized by prolonged low mood and  sadness. additionally; The person feels his life is useless and there is no happiness. There is strong feeling of hopelessness, emptiness and numbness.   There are many synonyms for depression. Here are some options: General sadness: Low spirits, dejection, despair, despondency, gloom, melancholy, unhappiness, the blues.…

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Abies Canadensis Definition Symptoms Cause Diet Regimen Homeopathic Medicine Homeopath Treatment In Rajkot India

Abies Canadensis

Abies Canadensis, a homeopathic remedy derived from Hemlock Spruce, offers relief for digestive complaints such as fullness, gas, and constipation. It’s also used for depression and anxiety related to digestive issues. Learn about its symptoms, benefits, and how to find the right potency for your needs.

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​Different Types of Repertories

​Different Types of Repertories, it is possible to obtain the needed correspondence between medicines and disease conditions in a varieties of ways, also there are  Furthermore; Different Types of Repertories, each with its own distinctive advantages in finding the similimum.The different varieties in this subject have originated from the following two main factors:(a)  Firstly, The…

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Back Pain Definition Symptoms Cause Diet Regimen Homeopathic Medicine Homeopath Treatment in Rajkot India

Back Pain

Back pain is a common complaint, but the underlying causes can vary widely. This comprehensive article explores the various types of back pain, their causes, risk factors, and treatment options. Discover how homeopathy can provide a natural and effective approach to managing back pain, alongside conventional treatments and lifestyle modifications.

Discover the potential of homeopathy in managing back pain. This comprehensive article explores various homeopathic remedies, their benefits, and how they can complement other treatment modalities. Learn about the causes of back pain, risk factors, and preventive measures. Find answers to common questions about homeopathic treatment for back pain and take the first step towards a natural approach to pain relief.

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Chikungunya Definition Symptoms Cause Diet Homeopathic Medicine Treatment Homeopathy Doctor Clinic in Rajkot Gujarat India


Chikungunya, a mosquito-borne viral disease prevalent in India, is characterized by high fever, severe joint pain, and rash. Transmitted by the bite of infected Aedes mosquitoes, this debilitating illness can lead to long-term complications. Learn about the symptoms, transmission, prevention methods, and available treatment options, including homeopathic remedies, to protect yourself and your loved ones from Chikungunya.

Chikungunya relief through homeopathy? Discover how homeopathic remedies can address fever, joint pain, and other Chikungunya symptoms. Learn about specific remedies and the holistic approach of homeopathy in managing this debilitating disease.

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Milia Definition Symptoms Cause Diet Regimen Homeopathic Medicine Homeopath Treatment in Rajkot India


Milia – An Unwanted Eruption Defination What’s with those annoying little white heads that just never seem to come to the surface and go away? What isthat thick, white stuff that comes out when you finally get so frustrated you pick and poke and finally pop the bump? It can be the bane of your…

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10th Anniversary of Mann Homeopathic Clinic Rajkot 26 January 2024 Republic Day of India

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View allAcidityDiagnosisExplanationFriendlinessHair FallHeadacheHistory takingTreatment SatisfactionSort by dateSort by nameDescendingAscending M.D. Acidity, Headache Visited for Burning Sensation in Stomach & Acidity with headache. He is a very patient person and makes you comfortable explains things well, listens to problem fully. Have started medicine and it’s really effective. M.D. Shopkeeper Reviews us on Google… Read more Haresh…

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Lachesis Homeopathy Medicine Memory Tip Symptoms Constitution Use Disease Dose Potency Repetition Drug Picture Mann Homoeopathic Clinic Rajkot


Lachesis Overview: Lachesis is the common name of the homeopathic medicine derived from the venom of the bushmaster snake (Lachesis muta). It has no commonly used synonyms in homeopathy. Memory Tips for Mental Symptoms Hi Friends Let’s memorize mental symptoms of Lachesis through name of Medicine ‘LACHESIS’. L A C H E S I S…

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