Argentum Nitricum

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Memory Tips for Mental Symptoms

Hi Friends Let’s memorize guiding symptoms of Argentum Nitricum through name of Medicine ‘ARGENTUM’.

Apprehension and anxiety

  • There is a great apprehension which Master Kent in his voluminous Repertory kept in the sub rubric: anxiety, anticipating an engagement (Arg. N 1, Gels 3, Medo 3).
  • Anxiety and apprehension when getting ready to go to church, opera, examination, or any other engagement and at that diarrhoea sets in i. e, apprehensive diarrhoea (Gels).
  • Tyler said, it is one of the great remedies of examination funk (Aethusa, Gel., Kali Phos., Anac.)
  • Tyler said, pt. breaks into sweat with anxiety when going to a wedding, to church, to opera.


  • Our Arg. Nit. pt. is reserved, introvert in their disposition. Pt. is sad taciturn, gloomy.
  • Farrington said in some cases we find profound melancholy.

Great haste

  • The pt. is very much impulsive, does everything in a great haste, even eats and drinks in a great haste, must walk fast.
  • Farrington said pt. seems to be always busy yet accomplishes nothing. He hurries restlessly to fulfill an engagement, thinking that he will be too late, hence does everything in a great haste.
  • In Dr. Kent’s’ Repertory it has been placed to the sub-rubric -hurry to arrive for the appointed time. (Arg Nit.1)-hurry while walking (Arg Nit 1, Sulph Ac 1, Tarent 1, Sulph 2, Thuja 2), -hence time passes too slowly (Can Ind 1, Glon 1, Alumina 2, Arg. N 2, Medo 2, Merc 2, Nux Mos 2, Nux Vom 2.)-too quickly, (Cocc 1, Therid 2).


  • Arg Nit. pt. is easily excitable, easily angered-which brings on pain in head and chest.


  • Strange notions crowded in Arg Nit. pt. Master Kent said, dread of crowd.
  • has a strange notion that some serious incurable disease has overtaken him, imagines that if he left alone, he will die. Dr. Farrington said apprehension of some incurable diseases of brain.
  • Builds castles in air in the day and sees monstrous visions at night.
  • Talcott in his Book Mental disease reported that Arg Nit. pt. hesitates to undertake anything from the fear of failure (Arnica.).
  • Nit. also possess a strange notion that he has been neglected and despised by everybody and thus finds no pleasure in his life.
  • Tyler said that Arg. Nit. has also claustrophobia-i.e., fear of confinement, which is a strange notion. It has also got anthropophobia (Acon. 1, Arg N. 2, Aur.2, Nat. Mur.2, N.V 2, Puls.2) and dreads certain places.



Tendency to suicide

  • Suicidal tendency prevails upon the pt. when crossing through high altitudes, bridge etc. On looking down from high altitude creates a peculiar type of impulses to jump out of the place. Master Kent in his Repertory classed it in the sub-rubric-throwing himself from a height (Aur.1, Arg N.2, Vell.2, N.V 2).
  • Master Kent reported fear of death, often predicts the moment of death.

Undue fear of projecting buildings

  • Arg Nit. pt. has great fear of projecting buildings and corners which creates a sensation as if it would fall over him.
  • The sight of the projecting buildings makes the pt.
  • Farrington has remarked about this fear of projecting buildings and corners that it is due to the mistake of estimation of distances i.e., derangement of the sense, derangement of the sense of distance, depth and magnitude-altitude sense derangement, so that the pt. thinks that he will run against those and have a clash.
  • Tyler said even in the street the sight of high houses always made him giddy and caused him to stagger. It seems as if the houses on both sides would approach and crush him.
  • N. M. Chowdhury reported that this altitude sense derangement is due to imperfect co-ordination of ocular muscles.

Memory Loss

  • There is frequent loss of memory, makes frequent fault in speech, because he cannot find right word during conversation.
  • Master Kent said, disturbance in the memory. Irrational in his explanations of his actions and methods. (2)

Memory Tips for Guiding Symptoms

Hi Friends Let’s memorize mental symptoms of Argentum Nitricum through name of Medicine ‘LUNARCAUSTIC.

Longing for fresh air

  • Arg. Nit. has great longing for fresh air (Amyl. Nit., Puls., Sulph).
  • The characteristic feature to note is-chilly when uncovered, yet feels smoothered if wrapped up-yet the pt. craves fresh air.
  • Master Kent said, this is one grand feature running through the patient, he
  • wants cold air cold drinks, cold things, ice creams, wants the head in the cold air; suffocates in a warm room.

Urine passes unconsciously

  • Urine escapes unconsciously day also night (Caust.). It is due to defective co-ordination of muscles.

Nervous diarrhoea

  • Our Arg. Nit. has nervous diarrhoea (Gels.).
  • The anticipation of any unusual ordeal, preparing for either church or opera, brings on diarrhoea.


  • It is one of our leading apprehensive remedies. Apprehension when ready for church or opera, nervous, dread of appearing in public,anxiety from anticipating an engagement, Arg. Nit 1, Gels 3, Medo3.
  • Master Kent elucidated the apprehension of fear of death, often at times likes Acon., he predicts the moment of death.
  • If our Arg. Nit. pt. about to take a rail-road journey, he is anxious, full of fear and anxiety and tremulous nervousness until he is on the car going and then it passes away.

Right sided lying brings on palpitation

  • It is Master Kent who elaborated that pt. cannot lie on the right side because it brings on so much palpitation (Alumen, Badiaga, Kalmia, Kali. N, Lil. Tig., Platina, Spong.).
  • Master Kent said it is uncommon, strange, rare and peculiar. It is such a strong feature in this remedy that to a great extent it becomes quite general, because it is a heart symptom and is intermingled with general symptoms. The pt. will say he throbs from head to foot while lying on right side, a general pulsation, throbbing all over on lying right side.

Coition painful

  • Kent said, coition is painful or impossible-in both sexes, followed by bleeding per vagina.
  • Clarke said coition painful, urethra as if put on stretch or sensitive at orifice.

Aggravation at menstrual period

  • The complaints in women come on before and during menstrual period (Ref. Kent).
  • It is a favorable time of all her complaints to aggravate. She suffers from most violent dysmenorrhea. violent palpitation, trembling, coldness of extremities, from nervous excitement, from intense manifestations and an unusually increased flow of menstrual blood all are increased during menstrual period and she is free from symptoms during interim-thus it finds its similimum in our Argentum Nitricum.


  • Our sagacious Kent reported that everywhere we find ulceration, but particularly upon the mucous membranes. The throat has ulcers in it, ulceration of the eye-lids and of the cornea, ulceration of the bladder, of the uterus, of the vagina.

Note: Master Kent classically commented that this tendency to ulcerate seems rather strange, peculiar, that it should have in its pathogenesis such a tendency, when the Old-School have been using it to cauterize the ulcers.

Splinter sensation

  • Nit. has sensation of a splinter in throat when swallowing (Dolich, Hep, Nit Ac, Sil.). Master Kent explained it as fish-bone sensation or sticks in the throat like fish bone.
  • Allen also reported of the sensation of splinter in or about uterus when walking or riding.


  • Clarke said tremor is among the leading symptoms of Arg. Nit. This is characterized by great weakness of lower extremities, with trembling, pt. can’t walk eyes closed (Alumina). Walks and stands unsteadily, esp. when he thinks himself unobserved. Dr. E. B. Nash said, great tremulous weakness, actual trembling very useful in locomotor ataxia (Gels.).

Imperfect co-ordination of muscles

  • Clarke said this imperfect or defective co-ordination results paralysis of motion and sensation.

Craves sugar

  • Nit. pt. has craving for sugar (Arg. N. 1, Calc.2, Kali Carb.2, Sec.2), for sweet (Arg. N.1, China.1, Lyco.1, Sulph. 1, Am.C. 2, Bry.2, Calc.2, Carbo. Veg.2, Ipec.2, Medo.2, Rhus. Tox.2, Sep.2, Sec.2, Tuber.2).
  • Child is fond of it, but diarrhoea results from eating. He feels he must have it and it makes him sick (-pt. craves things that make them sick, Carbo. Veg.)-he can’t digest it.
  • Master Kent said so marked is the aggravation from sugar that the nursing infant will get a green diarrhoea if the mother eats candy. (3)

Introduction of Argentum Nitricum

Hi Friends, Now we describing Drug picture of Argentum Nitricum.

Common name :

  • Nitrate of Silver
  • Lunar Caustic

Family / Group / Class / Order :

  • Mineral kingdom

Habit and habitat / Description :

  • The nitrate of silver is made from metallic silver, dilute nitric acid and water.
  • Its crystals are odorless, soluble in their weight of cold water, and more freely soluble in hot water.
  • Their taste is acrid and metallic.(10)

Formula / Symbols :

  • AgNO3

Name of prover : 

  • Dr. Hahnemann and reproved by Dr. J.O. Muller of Vienna in 1845.

Introduction and history :

  • This irritant poison is commonly known as Lunar caustic and Nitrate of silver.
  • It was first proved by Hahnemann.
  • It is one of the ‘monumental treasures’ of homeopathy.
  • This great anti-sycotic remedy is mainly indicated in those persons in whom intellectual features predominate.
  • It has been extensively used by the allopath for cauterization of ulcers, which do not yield to medicinal treatment.
  • In this, the neural effects are very marked. (1)

Preparation :

  • The salt is triturated with sugar of milk up to 3c.
  • Higher alcoholic potencies are prepared from 3c potency. (1)

Constitution of Argentum Nitricum

Physical make up :

  • It is best suited to intense, nervous persons with a vivid imagination having a carbo-nitrogenoid or hydrogenoid constitution.
  • The person is cachectic, withered, dried up and old looking. (1)

Temperament :

  • Nervous 3, Phlegmatic 1, Choleric 1 (5)

Diathesis :

  • Neuro-sycotic (1)

Relation with heat & cold :

  • Hot patient (4)

Miasm :

  • Psora, Sycosis, Tubercular, Syphilitic. (4)

Clinical Features of Argentum Nitricum

Clinical conditions

In Homeopathy Argentum Nitricum medicine use by Homeopathic Doctors in treatment of following Disease Conditions

  • Anticipation, anxiety, panic attacks, fear, eye complaints, headache, acidity, stomach ulcer, irritable bowel syndrome, laryngitis, incoordination, locomotor ataxia, and warts.

Sites of action / Pharmacodynamics

  • Brain, spinal cord, nerves, blood, mucous membranes such as of eyes, throat, stomach, urethra, etc. Periosteum, bones, kidney, liver, gastrointestinal tract, etc. (1)

Causation (Causes / Ailments from)

  • Apprehension, fear, eating ice, intemperate habits, mental strain and worry, onanism and venery, sugar, tobacco. (1)

Physiological action of Arg. Nit.

  • In stomach and intestinal atony with great flatulence.
  • In large doses, nausea, vomiting and violent gastrointestinal inflammation, especially of the destructive type.
  • Induration and fatty degeneration of salivary glands, testicles, liver and kidney.
  • Destruction of red blood corpuscles; anaemia; depressed temperature.
  • Nodular and vesicular inflammation of the skin. (1)

Patho-physiological changes / Pathogenesis

  • Its most important action is on blood. Blood is more fluid and darker, haemoglobin is diminished; stagnation in vessels causing ecchymosis. As a result of all this, there is defective oxidation and anaemia.
  • It acts on nerves and produces a hyperaesthetic and anaesthetic condition of nerves.
  • It acts on the kidneys, liver and other glands showing degeneration.
  • It is a highly irritant poison affecting primarily the mucous membranes of the eyes, mouth, throat, upper air passages, etc. causing violent congestion and destructive inflammation and ulceration.
  • It acts on the nervous system, giving rise to great prostration and violent tetanic convulsions followed by paralysis. (1)

Characteristic mental symptoms (psychology) of Argentum Nitricum

  • Become Very impulsive. he has an impulse to kill himself or to jump off while crossing high places or bridges, or jumps out of the window.
  • Thinks his understanding and will power may fail; fearful, nervous and melancholic.
  • There is frequent loss of memory, makes frequent faults in speech because he cannot find the right words.
  • Great apprehension when getting ready to go to church or for an examination or any other important engagement – diarrhoea sets in at that time.
  • Very excitable and easily angered which brings on pain in the head, chest, etc.
  • Vertigo on closing the eyes. Mental confusion and dizziness with a tendency to fall sideward.
  • Fears and anxieties and hidden irrational motives for actions.
  • Feeling of constriction in various parts, as if a band of iron was around the chest or waist.
  • Thinks that death is near and has fear of death.
  • The patient has troublesome thoughts with great agony, especially at night.
  • Patient is so anxious that cannot stay in bed, gets up hurriedly and walks. (1)(6)

Guiding Symptoms of Argentum Nitricum

Author highlights the totality through its common name as referred by Dr. J.H. Clarke Lunar Caustic”.

  • L-Longing for fresh air
  • U-Urine passes unconsciously
  • N-Nervous diarrhoea
  • A-Always think of Argentum Nitricum on seeing withered, dried-up, old-looking patients.
  • R-Right sided lying brings on palpitation. (Ref. Kent)
  • C-Coition painful: followed by bleeding per vagina.
  • A-Acute granular conjunctivitis.
  • U-Unusual or long continued mental exertion; results acute or chronic diseases.
  • S-Sensation of splinter in threat, in uterus, in affected parts.
  • T-Time passes slowly.
  • I-Imperfect co-ordination of muscles: walks and stands unsteadily.
  • C-Craves for sugar, open air, salt. (9)

Generalities of Arg. nit.

  • Withered also dried up persons from disease.
  • Debility, Fatigue.
  • Sharp, stinging pains in the stomach, stitching pains in the stomach. Besides this, Irritation of the nose and anus from worms, emaciation, chilliness and nightly fever.
  • Poisoned wounds. Black Vomit. Vomiting of second stage of yellow fever.

Head of Arg. nit.

  • Emotional disturbances cause appearance of hemi-cranial attacks. Sense of EXPANSION.
  • Brain-fag, with general debility also trembling. Headache from mental exertion, from dancing.
  • VERTIGO, with buzzing in ears also with nervous affections.
  • Itching of scalp. Hemi-crania; bones of head feel as if separated.

Eye of Arg. nit.

  • Inner canthi SWOLLEN AND RED.
  • Spots before the vision. Blurred vision. Additionally, Photophobia in warm room.
  • PURULENT ophthalmia. Great swelling of conjunctiva; DISCHARGE ABUNDANT AND PURULENT.
  • Chronic ulceration of margin of lids; sore, thick, swollen. Unable to keep eyes fixed steadily.
  • Eye-strain from sewing; worse especially in warm room.
  • Aching, tired feeling in eyes, better closing or pressing upon them.
  • Useful in restoring power to the weakened ciliary muscles.
  • Paretic condition of ciliary muscle.
  • Acute granular Cornea opaque. Ulcer in cornea.

Ears of Arg. nit.

  • Ringing in the ears also deafness.
  • Whizzing in the ears, with feeling of obstruction sand difficulty of hearing.

Nose of Arg. nit.

  • Loss of smell. Itching.
  • Ulcers in septum.
  • Coryza, with chilliness, lachrymation, also headache.

Face of Arg. nit.

  • Sunken, old, pale, also bluish.
  • Old man’s look; tight drawing of skin over bones.

Mouth of Arg. nit.

  • Gums tender also bleed easily.
  • Tongue has prominent papillae; tip is red also painful.
  • Pain in sound teeth.
  • Taste coppery, like ink. Canker sores.

Throat of Arg. nit.

  • Much THICK MUCUS in throat also mouth causes hawking.
  • Raw, rough also sore.
  • Dark redness of throat catarrh of smokers, with tickling as of hair in throat.
  • STRANGULATED feeling.

Stomach of Arg. nit.

  • BELCHING accompanies most gastric ailments.
  • Nausea, retching, vomiting of glairy mucus.
  • Painful spot over stomach that radiates to all parts of the abdomen. In detail, Gnawing ulcerating pain; burning and constriction.
  • Ineffectual effort at eructation.
  • GREAT CRAVING FOR SWEETS. Gastritis of drunkards.
  • Ulcerative pain specifically in left side under ribs.
  • Trembling also throbbing in stomach. Enormous distention.
  • Ulceration of stomach, WITH RADIATING PAIN. Desire for cheese also salt.

Abdomen of Arg. nit.

  • Stitchy ulcerative pain on left side of stomach, below short ribs.

Rectum & Anus of Arg. nit.

  • Constipation alternating with diarrhoea
  • Inactivity of rectum
  • Flatulence during diarrhoea also after dinner
  • Itching of anus.

Stool of Arg. nit.

  • Watery, noisy, flatulent; GREEN, LIKE CHOPPED SPINACH, with shreddy mucus also enormous distention of abdomen; very offensive.
  • Diarrhoea immediately after either eating or drinking.
  • FLUIDS GO RIGHT THROUGH HIM; after sweets.
  • After any emotion with flatulence. Itching of anus.

Urinary Organ of Arg. nit.

  • Urine passes unconsciously, day also night.
  • Urethra inflamed, with pain, burning, itching pain as from a splinter. Urine scanty also dark.
  • Emission of a few drops after having finished. Divided stream.
  • Early stage of Gonorrhoea; profuse discharge also terrible cutting pains; bloody urine.

Sexual Organ of Arg. nit.

  • Male: Erection fails when coition is attempted. Cancer- like ulcers. Desire wanting, Genitals shrivel. Coition painful.
  • Female: Gastralgia at beginning of menses. Intense spasm of chest muscles. Additionally, Orgasms at night. Nervous erethism at change of life. Besides this, Leucorrhoea profuse, with erosion of cervix. Bleeding easily. Lastly, Uterine hemorrhage, two weeks after menses; painful affections of left ovary.

Respiratory System of Arg. nit.

  • HIGH NOTES CAUSE COUGH. Chronic hoarseness.
  • Suffocative cough, as if from a hair in throat.
  • Dyspnoea, Chest feels as if a bar were around it.

Heart & Pulse of Arg. nit.

  • Palpitation, pulse irregular also intermittent; worse lying on RIGHT SIDE; [Alumen.]
  • Painful spots in chest. Angina pectoris, nightly aggravation.
  • Many people in a room seem to take away his breath.

Neck & Back of Arg. nit.

  • Back: Much pain. Spine sensitive with nocturnal pains, [Oxal. acid.] paraplegia; posterior spinal sclerosis.

Extremities of Arg. nit.

  • Cannot walk with eyes closed.
  • Trembling, with general debility.
  • Paralysis, with mental also abdominal symptoms.
  • Rigidity of CALVES. Debility in calves especially Walks and stands unsteadily, especially when unobserved.
  • Numbness of arms. Post diphtheritic paralysis plus.

Skin of Arg. nit.

  • Brown, tense, also hard.
  • Drawing in skin, as from a spider-web, or dried albuminous substance, withered also dried up. Irregular blotches.

Sleep of Arg. nit.

  • Sleepless, from fancies before his imagination; horrible dreams of snakes, also of sexual gratification.
  • Drowsy stupor.

Fever of Arg. nit.

  • Chills with nausea.
  • Chilly when uncovered, yet feels smothered if wrapped up. (6)

Important characteristic features of Arg. nit.

  • Fear of crowd, of passing corners, high buildings; apprehension about keeping appointments, catching trains, &c., may cause diarrhoea.
  • Feeling of hurry, inducing rapid walking, but walking is unsteady.
  • Pains are liable to be periodic also come and go slowly; as a corollary time seems long.
  • Mental and physical effects of over-study, mental strain or anxiety.
  • Palpitation especially from lying on the right side, forcing patient to change position.
  • Acts chiefly on left side-except eye.
  • Headaches, unilateral, relieved specifically by cold bathing and tight bandaging.
  • Anaemia with ecchymoses.
  • Ophthalmia neonatorum, specific.
  • Genital organs in man shriveled; sexual desire gone.
  • Genital Organs of Women. Additionally, Bleeding ulcers of the womb. Uterine hemorrhage, with much trouble in the head, greatly aggravated especially by motion.
  • Great debility, particularly in the lower extremities with much chilliness.
  • Gastric also duodenal ulceration.
  • Inflammation of mucous membranes, especially eyes also urethra.
  • Besides this, Sacral pain extending down thigh.
  • Diarrhoea with greenish mucus.
  • Inflamed fauces also larynx.
  • Lastly, Acts well in thin, dried up, prematurely old people.

Therapeutic value of Arg. nit.

  • Acidity
  • Addison’s disease
  • Anaemia, Diarrhoea
  • Dyspepsia, Emaciation
  • Eye affections
  • Flatulence, Gastric ulcer
  • Gonorrhoea
  • Headache, Heartburn
  • Locomotor ataxia
  • Neuralgia
  • Ophthalmia neonatorum
  • Paraplegia, Paralysis
  • Spinal irritation
  • Throat affections
  • Ulcerated tongue
  • Warts, etc. (1)

Modality of Arg. nit.


  • Emotion, Anxiety
  • Apprehension, fear, fright or suspense
  • In room, in shut places
  • Mental strain and worry
  • Sugar
  • Drinking
  • Lying on right side
  • Crowds, Motion
  • Looking down, Riding
  • Warmth in any form
  • Thinking
  • Rising from sitting
  • Cold food, ice creams
  • Touching the parts (4)


  • Motion
  • Dark room
  • Cold air, Cold bath
  • Eructation
  • Bending double
  • Warm drinks
  • Open air
  • Hard pressure. (4)


Remedy Relationship of Arg. nit.


  • Nat-mur

Follows Well

  • Bry, Caust, Spig, Spong, Verat


  • Coff

Antidoted By

  • Ars, Nat-m

It Antidotes

  • Am-Caust


  • Ars, Merc, Phos, Puls. (4)

Posology (Dose) of Argentum Nitricum


  • Homeopathic medicine Argentum Nitricum works well in both low to high potencies.
  • Generally, in mind complaints, high potency of medicines is preferred. When using it in low potency it can be repeated often.
  • Lower aqueous dilutions as local application in ophthalmia neonatorum.
  • In gastric ulcer freshly prepared 1% solution of silver nitrate should be given in a half glass of hot water before meals (Underwood), Clarke uses lower potencies, but Kent advises higher and highest potencies.(11)


  • 30,200,1M


  • It may be repeated when the symptoms call for it.(11)

Duration of action

  • Up to 30 days (6)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1. For which diseases Argentum Nitricum is used?


In Homeopathy Argentum Nitricum medicine use by Homeopathic Doctors in treatment of following Disease Conditions

  • Anticipation, anxiety, panic attacks, fear, eye complaints, headache, acidity, stomach ulcer, irritable bowel syndrome, laryngitis, incoordination, locomotor ataxia, and warts.

Q 2. What is another name of Argentum Nitricum?


  • Nitrate of Silver
  • Lunar Caustic

Q 3. Mention the nervous symptoms of Arg, nit.


i) Firstly, Great weakness of lower extremities with trembling.

ii) SecondlyCannot walk with the eyes closed.

iii) Thirdly, Walks and stands unsteadily esp. when he thinks himself unobserved.

iv) Fourthly, Convulsion preceded by great restlessness and dilatation of pupils.

v) After that, Epilepsy caused by fright or occurring at menstrual period.

vi) Lastly, Tottering and falling when closing the eyes.

a) Character of stool i.e.:

i) Firstly, Green mucus, yellowish stool turns green after remaining on diaper.

ii) Secondly, Stool like chopped spinach in flakes.

iii) Thirdly, Masses of muco-lymph in shreddy strips or lumps with much noisy flatus.

b)Modalities i.e.:


  • After every eating also drinking.
  • From taking sugar, salt, etc.
  • While eating or nursing.

c) Concomitants & associated symptoms i.e.:

  • Belching accompanies most gastric ailments.
  • Stomach full of wind, as if it would burst.
  • Desire especially for sugar, sweets etc.

Q 4. Discuss the eye symptoms of Arg. nit.


a) Ophthalmia neonatorum.

b) Profuse, purulent discharge.

c) Cornea opaque, ulcerated.

d) Lids sore also thick, swollen.

e) Lids agglutinated in the morning (Apis, Merc. sol., Rhus tox.).

f) Acute granular conjunctivitis.

g) Looks like raw beef, scarlet-red, profuse muco-purulent discharge.

h) Eye strain especially from sewing. Agg. in warm room; amel. in open air.

i) Disease due to defective accommodation.

j)Tottering also falling when closing the eyes.

Q 5. On seeing a patient can you spot out that it is Arg. nit. case.

Ans. On seeing i.e.:

  • i) Firstly, Withered, ii) Secondly, Dried up, iii) Thirdly, Old looking patient, iv) Fourthly, With emaciation progressing every year, most marked in the lower extremities; marasmus. Thus Arg. nit. can be spotted out.

Q 6. Mention five medicines, who has craving for sugar.

Ans. i) Firstly, Arg. Nit, ii) Secondly, Cina, iii) Thirdly, Lycopodium, iv) Fourthly, Rhus tox, v) Lastly, Sulphur.

Q 7. Mention four medicines, where there is sensation of a splinter in the affected parts. the throat.

Ans. i) Firstly, Arg. Nit, iii) Secondly, Nitric acid, ii) Thirdly, Hepar sulph, iv) Fourthly, Silicea.

Q 8. Mention four medicines having craving for salt.

Ans. i) Firstly, Arg. Nit, iii) Secondly, Natrum mur, ii) Thirdly, Carbo veg, iv) Fourthly, Phosphorus.

Q 9. Mention four medicines for bad effects from intaking ice-cream.

Ans. i) Firstly, Arg. Nit, ii) Secondly, Arsenic. Alb, iii) Thirdly, Bryonia, iv) Fourthly, Pulsatilla.

Q 10. What is the medicine required for bad effects of cauterizing with nitrate of silver?

Ans. Natrum mur. removes such bad-effects.

Q 11. Name three medicines where there is aphonia from singing.


i) Firstly, Arg. nit.

ii) Secondly, Causticum.

iii) Thirdly, Phosphorus.

Q 12. Describe the headache of Arg. nit.


a) Suitability i.e.: – Gastric & nervous headache of sedentary persons (Bry. Nux vom.)

b) Causation i.e.:

i) Firstly, From literary works,

ii) Secondly, From gastric complaints,

iii) Thirdly, From dancing,

iv) Fourthly, From too much thinking, too close application or attention.

c) Location i.e.: –

i) Frontal or temporal. One sided headache (hemicrania).

d) Sensation i.e.: –

i) Firstly, Of fullness and heaviness of head,

ii) Secondly, Of expansion of head.

e) Ch. of pain i.e.:

i) Firstly, Pressing: screwing pain in the effected parts,

ii) Secondly, Congestive headache.

f) Modality i.e.: -Agg. from mental exertion of any kind, Amel. by pressure or tight bandaging, in open air.

g) Concomitants i.e.:

i) Firstly, Headache with coldness,

ii) Secondly, Headache with general trembling,

iii) Thirdly, Tottering and falling when closing the eyes,

iv) Fourthly, Headache ends in bilious vomiting.

Q 13. Name three medicines where headache is ameliorated by pressure of tight bandaging.

Ans. i)Firstly, Apis mel, ii) Secondly, Arg. Nit, iii) Thirdly, Pulsatilla.

Q 14. Name three medicines where diarrhoea results soon after eating or drinking.

Ans. i) Firstly, Aloe soc, ii) Arsenic, iii) Thirdly, Arg. nit.

Q 15. Mention a constant concomitant with gastric symptom of Arg. nit.

Ans. Belching accompanies most gastric disorders.

Q 16. What is the character of diarrhoea of Arg. nit.?


i) Firstly, Green mucous: turning green after remaining on diaper.

ii) Secondly, Like chopped spinach in flakes.

iii) Thirdly, Masses of mucolymph in shreddy stripes or lumps.

Q 17. State the gastro-intestinal symptoms of Arg. nit.


a) Causation i.e.:

i) Firstly, From taking sugar, sweet, salt, candy, ice-cream etc.

ii) Secondly, From unusual or long continued mental exertion.

b) Ch. of symptoms:

1) Firstly, Dyspepsia i.e.-Flatulent dyspepsia.

2) Secondly, Abdomen i.e.: –

i) Firstly, Distention: as if stomach would burst with wind,

ii) Secondly, Violent palpitation from incarcerate flatus.

3) Belching i.e.: –

i) Firstly, Belching after every meal,

ii) Secondly, Belching. difficult finally air rushes out with great violence.

iii) Thirdly, Belching accompanies gastric ailments.

Q 18. Discuss the Arg. nit. diarrhoea.


Introduction i.e.: -It has got two types of diarrhoea.

(A) Firstly, Nervous diarrhoea.

(B) Secondly, Diarrhoea due to gastro-intestinal disorders.

   (A) Nervous diarrhoea: –

a) Causation i.e.:

  • Due to any mental emotion, unusual long continued mental exertion.
  • Nervousness etc.
  • Due to great apprehension.

b) Character of stool i.e.:

  • Since the cause is not a gastro-intestinal factor thus no question of any particular type of stool.
  • It may be watery, yellowish or greenish contains mucus.

c) Concomitants i.e.:

  • There is great apprehension to go to church, opera or before going for any engagements.

    (B) Diarrhoea due to gastro-intestinal disorders: –

a) Causation i.e.:

  • After taking sugar, candy, sweets, milk or milked foods. salt etc.
  • After long continued mental exertion.
  • Diarrhoea as soon as he drinks.

Q 19. Mention the sexual symptoms of Arg. nit.



i) Firstly, Impotency

ii) Secondly, Erection fails when coition is attempted.

iii) Thirdly, Coition is painful.


i) Firstly, Metrorrhagia esp. in young widow.

ii) Secondly, Sterility

iii) Thirdly, Nervous erythism during climacteric

iv) Fourthly, Coition is painful followed by bleeding per vagina.

Q 20. Mention the mental symptoms of Arg. nit.


1) Apprehension i.e.: -Great apprehension with anxiety when ready for church or opera, or any other engagement, diarrhoea sets in.

2) Hurry i.e.:

i) Firstly, Patient is in a hurry; thinks time passes slowly.

ii) Secondly, Wants to do things in a hurry, must walk fast; always hurried.

3) Impulsive i.e.-Impulse to died by suicide.

4) Anxious i.e.: -Very much anxious, irritable, nervous, reserved, sad, introvert type of people.

5) Liar i.e.: – Damn liar. Children esp. never speaks the truth.

6) Fear i.e.

i) Firstly, Fear of projecting buildings and corners which creates a sensation as if it would fall over him.

ii) Secondly, Fear of death, patient predicts the moment he is going to die (Acon, Coffea). (Kent).

Q 21. Discuss an Arg. nit. child.


a) Constitution i.e.: –

  • Sycotic
  • Old looking face, looks older than he is.
  • Emaciated: progressing emaciation in the lower extremities.

b) Mental symptoms i.e.:

  • Damn liar, never speaks the truth.
  • Nervous, hasty, anxious.
  • Either Psychic or nervous diarrhoea.

c) Physical symptoms i.e.:

1) Eye i.e.: –Ophthalmia neonatorum (neos-new; natalis-relating to birth:- neonates new-born).

It is characterised by i.e.:

i) Firstly, Profuse, purulent discharge,

ii) Secondly, Cornea opaque, ulcerated,

iii) Thirdly, Lids sore, thick, swollen, agglutinated in the morning,

iv) Fourthly, Amel. in open air also by cold application.

2) Desire i.e.: -For sugar, candy etc., child is fond of it but diarrhoea results from eating.

3) Face i.e.: Old looking face.

4) Lower extremity i.e.: -Progressing emaciation; marasmus.

5) Diarrhoea i.e.:

  • From taking sugar.
  • Stool looks like chopped spinach.
  • Stool turns green after remaining diaper, green mucus.
  • Diarrhoea as soon as he drinks.

6) Gastric distension i.e.: – Flatulent dyspepsia; belching after every meal.

7) Urine i.e.-Urine passes unconsciously day also night.

8) Nervous system i.e.:

  • Great weakness of lower extremities. Additionally, With trembling, can’t walk with the eyes closed.
  • Walks also stands unsteadily, esp. when he thinks himself unobserved.
  • Convulsion preceded specifically by great restlessness.

Q 22. Describe six characteristic symptoms of Arg. nit.


  1. Apprehension i.e.: -Great apprehension, especially when getting ready for church or opera; at that time diarrhoea sets in.
  2. Emaciation i.e.: —Progressing emaciation every year, which is more marked in lower extremities. Marasmus in general resulting withered, dried-up appearance.
  3. Desire i.e.: Great desire for sugar, sweets, candy etc., esp. child is fond of it but diarrhoea results from eating.
  4. Open air i.e.: -Great longing for fresh air; opens clothing, removes bed coverings and opens windows in the coldest weather. Chilly when uncovered, yet feels smothered if wrapped up.
  5. Imperfect co-ordination of muscles i.e.: Dr. Clarke says, this imperfect defective or co-ordination of muscles results paralysis of motion -trembling; walks and stands unsteadily esp. When he thinks himself unobserved.
  6. Causation i.e.: -Acute or chronic diseases from un usual long continued mental exertion. (8)

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