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Alcohol abuse

Alcohol related disorders F10

Listen Alcohol related disorders [responsivevoice_button voice="UK English Female" buttontext="Listen Alcohol related disorders"] Alcohol related disorders Introduction: Alcohol use is widely prevalent in Indian…
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Dementia Dementia is a chronic organic mental disorder, characterised by the following main clinical features: Impairment of intellectual functions, Impairment of memory (predominantly of recent memory, especially in early…
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Diagnosis and Classification for Psychiatry Doctors

Diagnosis and Classification in Psychiatry

CLASSIFICATION Classification is a process by which phenomena are organized into categories so as to bring together those phenomena that most resemble each…
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Introduction to psychiatry

Psychiatry Psychiatry is the branch of medicine that specializes in the treatment of those mental disorders which primarily cause disturbance of thought, behavior, and…
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organic-mental-disorder Causes Homoeopathic treatment in rajkot

Organic (Including Symptomatic) Mental Disorders

Organic (Including Symptomatic) Mental Disorders It is assumed that all psychological and behavioural processes, whether normal or abnormal, are a result of normal or deranged brain function.…
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Psychiatric History and Examination Psychiatric_Doctor

Psychiatric History and Examination

Objectives After this chapter you should have an understanding of: Interview technique The important elements of a psychiatric history The mental state examination…
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The scale of the psychiatric proble

The scale of the psychiatric problem [caption id="attachment_5566" align="alignright" width="420"] scale of the psychiatric proble in india Gujarat[/caption] One in four individuals suffer from…
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​Dream Interpretations in Homoeopathy

​ Listen Dream Interpretations in Homoeopathy [responsivevoice_button voice="UK English Female" buttontext="Listen Dream Interpretations in Homoeopathy"] Dream Interpretations 1. FALLING Easily one of the…
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