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Keratin Protein Shampoo


Keratin Protein Shampoo:

(with Aloe Vera,Brahmi,China)

Adven (100 ml)


  • Add Shine and Lustre,
  • Moisturizes Scalp,
  • Makes Hair Thick,
  • Control Falling.

Presentation: 100 ml of Plastic Bottle.

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Keratin Protein Shampoo:

with Aloe Vera,Brahmi,China) Adven (100 ml)

Keratin Protein with Aloe Vera, Brahmi & China;

  • adds shine and luster to hair,
  • promotes hair growth,
  • removes dandruff,
  • rejuvenates and nourishes scalp.

Properties of Keratin Protein


100 ml


100 ml of Plastic Bottle.

  • Wet hair, take shampoo according to hair length.
  • Massage all over scalp & entire hair length.
  • Rinse off.

Composition of Keratin Protein

  • Delonised water,
  • Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulphate,
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulphate,
  • Cooc Di ethanol Amide,
  • Natural Keratin Proteins Galsik-700,
  • Tri Sprire Vitalizer,
  • Coco Amido PropylBetaine,
  • Ethylene Glycol Mono Sterate,
  • Coco Mono Ethanol Amide,
  • Aloevera,
  • Brahmi,
  • China,
  • Sodium Methyl Praben,
  • Sodium Propyl Paraben,
  • Disodium EDTA,
  • Colour Tartrazine,
  • Almond Oil,
  • Citric Acid,
  • Perfume.

Description of Keratin Protein


No known contraindication.


No known interactions.


No known side effects.

Terms and Conditions:

We have assumed that you have consulted a physician before purchasing this medicine and are not self medicating.

Action of Keratin Protein

  • Aloe vera acts as a moisturizer and nourishes the scalp.
  • Brahmi helps to keep the hairs strong and healthy.
  • China prevents hair fall.

Frequently Asked Questions

Homeopathic Medicines used by Homeopathic Doctors in treatment of hair fall?

Keratin Protein Shampoo

What are the uses of Keratin Protein Shampoo?

  • Adds shine and luster to hair
  • Promotes hair growth
  • Removes dandruff
  • Rejuvenates and nourishes scalp

How to use Keratin Protein?

  • Wet hair, take shampoo according to hair length.
  • Massage all over scalp & entire hair length.
  • Rinse off.

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