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Ague Nil Syrup


Ague Nil Syrup:

Dr. Bhargava (200ml)


  • Powerful Immune Booster,
  • Protect from Dengue Virus,
  • and high temperature.

Also known as:

Bhargava ague, ague nil.

Presentation: 200 ml of glass bottle.

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Ague Nil Syrup:

Dr. Bhargava (200ml)

Indication of Ague Nil

Ague Nil boosts the immunity to fight against infections and other febrile conditions like

  • dengue and high temperature,
  • circulatory disturbances with prostration,
  • dullness,
  • difficulty in breathing with dizziness and drowsiness.

Properties of Ague Nil


200 ml


200 ml of glass bottle.

Dosage of Ague Nil

  • Adult: 1 tablespoonful 2 times a day.
  • Children: half the adult dose.

Composition of Ague Nil

  • Ocimum Sanctum Q
  • Azadirachta Indica Q
  • Rhus tox 3x
  • Eupatorium Per 3x
  • Gelsemium Semp 3x
  • Belladonna 3x.

Description of Ague Nil

Dr. Bhargava  Ague Nil Syrup Boosts the Immunity to fight against Infections and other Febrile conditions.


No known contraindication.


No known interactions.


No known side effects.

Terms and Conditions:

We have assumed that you have consulted a physician before purchasing this medicine and are not self medicating.

Action of Ague Nil

Ocimum Sanctum Q:  It clears the mind, stabilizes the blood sugar levels and sooths the chest conditions.

Azadirachta Indica Q:  It is popularly used in a great variety of complaints, especially of the eyes, digestive derangements, and skin affections

Rhus tox 3x: The effects on the skin, rheumatic pains, mucous membrane affections, and a typhoid type of fever is well indicated for this remedy.

Eupatorium Per 3x:  it relieves pain in limbs and muscles that accompanies some forms of febrile disease, like malaria and influenza. Eupatorium acts principally upon the gastro-hepatic organs and bronchial mucous membrane.

Gelsemium Semp 3x: Bilious remittent high body temperature, with stupor, dizziness, faintness; thirstless, prostrated. Chill, without thirst, along spine

Belladonna 3x: A high feverish state with comparative absence of toxaemia, no thirst,Cutting pain across; stitches in left side of abdomen, when coughing is relieved by it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Homeopathic Medicines used by Homeopathic Doctors in treatment of dengue?

Ague Nil Syrup

What are the uses of Ague Nil Syrup?

  • Dengue and high temperature
  • Circulatory disturbances with prostration
  • Dullness
  • Difficulty in breathing with dizziness and drowsiness.

What is the Dose of Ague Nil?

  • Adult: 1 tablespoonful 2 times a day
  • Children: half the adult dose

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