The main aim to share the cases that we have treated is for the future generation Doctors and the students. By going through these Cases, Articles, Presentations, Lectures etc. they will get an idea how to practice Homoeopathy and deal with acute as well as chronic diseases. provide Free Medical Books for academics, teachers and students working in the area of Homoeopathic & allied medical sciences. We are open to collaboration with other organisations and institutions worldwide.

Dr.Bhavin Dhamsaniya will study your case in detail and formulate an effective treatment plan for you. He will evaluate the patient’s emotions, mental state, lifestyle , nutrition, physical symptoms and other aspects of the individual...

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It is knowledge increases by sharing so what better way then to share the real experiences where the suffering humanity has been treated with utmost care and caution. By doing this we can create a healthy mind in a healthy body and a better world where everyone can realize their dreams and be happy and successful.

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