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Mumps Definition: Mumps is an acute, systemic, communicable viral infection whose most distinctive feature is swelling of one or both parotid glands. Involvement of other salivary glands, the meninges, the pancreas, and the gonads is also common.[1]  Here are some synonyms for mumps: Parotitis: This is the most technical term…

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Umbilical Hernia

Umbilical Hernia Definition In Umbilical Hernia, Hernia means – ’To bud’ or ‘to protrude’, ‘off shoot’ (Greek) ‘rupture’ (Latin).[1]  Any hernia which appears to be closely related to the umbilicus can be called as “Umbilical hernia”.[2]  There are no direct synonyms for umbilical hernia, but it is sometimes referred to…

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A carbuncle is a painful skin infection characterized by a cluster of boils. Learn about its causes, symptoms, treatment options, and preventive measures to effectively manage this condition. Discover how homeopathy can offernatural and effective treatment options for carbuncles. Learn about common homeopathic remedies, their benefits, and how to consult…

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Anaemia Definition Symptoms Cause Diet Homeopathic Medicine Treatment Homeopathy Doctor Clinic in Rajkot Gujarat India


Anemia is a common blood disorder characterized by low red blood cells or hemoglobin, leading to fatigue, weakness, and other symptoms. Learn about the causes, types, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of anemia. Explore homeopathic remedies for anemia, a natural approach focusing on the root cause and individual symptoms. Discover how…

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Cataract Definition Symptoms Cause Diet Regimen Homeopathic Medicine Homeopath Treatment in Rajkot India


Cataracts, a common eye condition, cause the lens of the eye to become cloudy, leading to blurry vision and other visual disturbances. While age is the primary factor, other causes include trauma, radiation, and underlying health conditions. This comprehensive article explores various aspects of cataracts, including types, symptoms, diagnosis, and…

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Diabetes Mellitus Definition Symptoms Cause Diet Regimen Homeopathic Medicine Homeopath Treatment in Rajkot India

Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes mellitus is a widespread chronic condition affecting millions worldwide. Understanding its types, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and preventive measures is crucial for early detection and effective management. By adopting a healthy lifestyle and adhering to medical advice, individuals with diabetes can lead fulfilling lives while minimizing the risk of complications.…

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