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The Sunburn:


Definition of Sunburn

Sunburn refers to redness, irritation, also burning of the skin caused by prolonged exposure to sunlight. It is commonly known as radiation burns.

Overview of Sunburn

Basically, Sunburns are even more common in younger people. Between half and three-quarters of children younger than 18 have sunburns each year.

It is caused by direct exposure to ultraviolet light. Fair-skinned persons, especially newcomers are more commonly affected.

Sunburns are the first degree or superficial burns that people get on exposed areas like the face, limbs, also back.

Symptoms start with erythema also pruritus and proceed to acute painful edema, vesiculation and bullae formation.

Prolonged and repeated exposure results in increased pigmentation and improved tolerance. Local application of calamine lotion gives soothing relief. [1]

Causes of Sunburn

  • Sunburn is caused by exposure to two types of ultraviolet rays from the sun: UVA rays and UVB rays. Both types of rays can burn your skin.

Your chance of getting a sunburn increase depending on i.e.:

  • Amount of time you spend in the sun.
  • Certain medications you take, including antibiotics such as doxycycline and Bactrim, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (in other words, NSAIDs), retinoids and heart medications such as diuretics.
  • Intensity of UV rays, affected by the time of day, cloud coverage, altitude also closeness to the equator.
  • Ozone depletion, depending on where you are in the world.
  • All in all, Skin type and pigmentation including tanning, although anyone can get a sunburn.[1][2]

Risk factor of Sunburn

  • Having light skin, blue eyes, and either red or blond hair
  • Living or vacationing somewhere sunny, warm or at high altitude
  • Working outdoors
  • Swimming or spraying your skin with water, as wet skin tends to burn more than does dry skin
  • Mixing outdoor recreation also drinking alcohol
  • Regularly exposing unprotected skin to UV light from sunlight or artificial sources, such as tanning beds
  • Taking a drug that makes you more likely to burn (photosensitizing medications).[3]

Classification of Sunburn

Sunburns are categorized based on the severity of skin damage. Furthermore, The two most common types of sunburn include:

First-degree sunburn i.e.: 
  • Damage to your skin’s outer layer. Additionally, This usually heals on its own in a few days to a week.
Second-degree sunburn i.e.: 
  • Damage to the inner layer of your skin (especially, dermis). This may cause blistering. In detail, It can take weeks to heal and may need medical treatment.
Third-degree sunburn i.e.:
  • Very rare cases, people might get This type of sunburn:
  • Severely damages all layers of your skin, including the fat layer beneath the skin.
  • May destroy nerve endings.
  • Requires emergency treatment.[2]

Sign & Symptoms of Sunburn

Symptoms of sunburn depend on how severe your burn is. Symptoms may include:

First-degree symptoms i.e.
  • Redness
  • Skin feels hot or tight
  • Pain or tenderness
  • Blistering
  • Swelling
  • Peeling skin (after several days)
  • Fatigue
  • Fever
  • Headache
  • Nausea
Second-degree symptoms i.e.
  • Extremely red skin
  • Blistering and swelling over a larger area
  • Wet-looking skin
  • Pain
  • White discoloration within the burn
  • Confusion, Dizziness
  • Exhaustion
  • Fast breathing
  • Fever, Headache
  • Muscle cramps
  • Nausea
  • Shivers
Third-degree symptoms i.e.
  • Leathery-looking burn
  • Numb skin
  • White or dull skin Color
  • All of the above systemic heat illness symptoms including shock and/or heat stroke.[2][5]

Diagnosis of Sunburn

  • Your doctor is likely to conduct a physical exam and ask questions about your symptoms, UV exposure also sunburn history.
  • Look at the amount of affected skin, type of sunburn and your symptoms. Additionally, Then they can recommend the appropriate treatment.[1][5]

Differential Diagnosis of Sunburn

  • Phototoxic reaction
  • Photoallergic reaction
  • Phyto photodermatitis
  • Solar urticaria
  • Lupus erythematosus(in other words, SLE)
  • Dermatomyositis
  • Acne
  • Atopic dermatitis [3]

Treatment of Sunburn

  • Local application of calamine lotion containing 0.5% either crystal violet or any antihistaminic cream gives relief.
  • Moreover, Para-amino benzoic acid, which absorbs ultraviolet light, gives some protection and this can be applied as a cream (5%) or lotion.
  • Excessive washing of the skin with strong soap should be avoided.
  • Besides this, Use of bland soaps and regular use of gingeli oil (sesame oil) over the skin applied for one hour weekly prevents this lesion in the native population.
  • Lastly, In established cases, stay in a cold environment and use of loose clothing brings about relief in 2-3 weeks.[1][5]


Complication of Sunburn

  • Premature aging of your skin
  • Precancerous skin lesions
  • Skin cancer
  • Eye damage. [4]

Prevention of Sunburn

  • Prevention consists of avoidance of direct exposure and the use of protective clothing and umbrella. [1]
  • Avoid sun exposure between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., the sun’s rays are strongest during these hours.
  • Avoid sun tanning and tanning beds.
  • Cover up, when outside, wear a wide-brimmed hat and clothing that covers you, including your arms and legs.
  • Use sunscreen frequently and generously.
  • Wear sunglasses when outdoors.
  • Be aware of sun-sensitizing medications, some common prescription and over-the-counter drugs, including antibiotics, retinoids and ibuprofen, can make skin more sensitive to sunlight. [2][3]

Homeopathic Treatment of Sunburn

Homeopathy treats the person as a whole. It means that homeopathic treatment focuses on the patient as a person, as well as his pathological condition. The homeopathic medicines selected after a full individualizing examination and case-analysis.

which includes

  • The medical history of the patient,
  • Physical and mental constitution,
  • Family history,
  • Presenting symptoms,
  • Underlying pathology,
  • Possible causative factors etc.

A miasmatic tendency (predisposition/susceptibility) also often taken into account for the treatment of chronic conditions.

What Homoeopathic doctors do?

A homeopathy doctor tries to treat more than just the presenting symptoms. The focus is usually on what caused the disease condition? Why ‘this patient’ is sick ‘this way’?.

The disease diagnosis is important but in homeopathy, the cause of disease not just probed to the level of bacteria and viruses. Other factors like mental, emotional and physical stress that could predispose a person to illness also looked for. No a days, even modern medicine also considers a large number of diseases as psychosomatic. The correct homeopathy remedy tries to correct this disease predisposition.

The focus is not on curing the disease but to cure the person who is sick, to restore the health. If a disease pathology not very advanced, homeopathy remedies do give a hope for cure but even in incurable cases, the quality of life can greatly improved with homeopathic medicines.

Homeopathic Medicines for Sunburn:

The homeopathic remedies (medicines) given below indicate the therapeutic affinity but this is not a complete and definite guide to the homeopathy treatment of this condition. The symptoms listed against each homeopathic remedy may not be directly related to this disease because in homeopathy general symptoms and constitutional indications also taken into account for selecting a remedy, potency and repetition of dose by Homeopathic doctor.

So, here we describe homeopathic medicine only for reference and education purpose. Do not take medicines without consulting registered homeopathic doctor (BHMS or M.D. Homeopath).


Belladonna – Suitable Medicine for Sunburn with Redness

  • The affected area appears swollen, smooth, also red.
  • The skin may get dry, hot, and sensitive especially to touch.
  • Lastly, The key feature in such cases is that on touching the skin, it seems to be extremely hot.

 Cantharis – Wonderful Medicine for Sunburn with Blisters

  • Patients may complain specifically of vesicular eruptions on the face which may be highly sensitive to touch.
  • In detail, These eruptions may turn black later.
  • There may also be sharp pain and burning.
  • Patients get relief especially by cold application to the affected area.

 Apis Mellifica – An Excellent Medicine for Sunburn with Stinging

  • The patient may complain of sensitivity to heat, and dry also sensitive skin.
  • Sudden puffiness may appear in the whole body, additionally the swollen areas may become sensitive to touch.
  • Apis Mellifica is an important homeopathic medicine especially for sunburn with water-filled blisters and stinging pain.

Sulphur – For Itching Due to Sunburns

  • Basically, The skin looks unhealthy and dry, and small pimples may develop.
  • The patient has the urge to scratch, which may cause burning.
  • In some cases, the itching may get worse especially at night or after washing.
  • It works well in cases where there has been excessive use of local ointments for sunburn in the past.

Urtica Urens

  • When a burn is mild and the primary symptoms are redness and stinging pain, this remedy often brings relief.
  • It is often useful for sunburn when the pain is prickly and stinging.[7][8]

Diet & Regimen of Sunburn

  • Take frequent either cool baths or showers to help relieve the pain.
  • Use a moisturizer that contains either aloe Vera or soy to help soothe sunburned skin.
  • Drink extra water.
  • Besides this, A diet rich in omega-3s from fish oil can help make sunburns.
  • Antioxidants: edible sunscreens use.
  • Tomatoes are an excellent source of lycopene, an antioxidant pigment that may play a role in protecting against sunburns.
  • All in all, Oranges, grapefruit and kiwi are loaded with vitamin C, which protects against free radical damage. [6]

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sunburn?

It refers to redness, irritation, and burning of the skin caused by prolonged exposure to sunlight. Additionally, It is commonly known as radiation burns.

Homeopathic Medicines used by Homeopathic Doctors in treatment of Sunburn?

  • Belladonna
  • Cantharis
  • Apis Mellifica
  • Sulphur
  • Urtica Urens

What are the types of Sunburn?

  • First-degree
  • Second-degree
  • Third-degree

What causes Sunburn?

  • Sunburn is caused by exposure to two types of ultraviolet rays from the sun: UVA rays and UVB rays. Both types of rays can burn your skin.

Give the symptoms of Sunburn?

  • Redness
  • Skin feels hot or tight
  • Pain or tenderness
  • Blistering
  • Swelling
  • Peeling skin
  • Fatigue
  • Extremely red skin
  • Blistering and swelling over a larger area

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