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Aurum Metallicum


Here’s a breakdown of the names you might encounter for Aurum metallicum:

  • Primary Name: Aurum metallicum – This is the most widely used and recognized name within homeopathy.
  • Abbreviation: Aurum met. – This is a common abbreviation for the full name, particularly convenient for writing.
  • Historical Name: Metallic Gold – This is a less frequent synonym, you might find it in older references.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Peculiar symptoms of Aurum Met.

  1. Firstly, Uneasy, hurried. great desire for mental also physical activity; cannot do things fast enough.
  2. Secondly, Foul breath; in girls at puberty.

3 anti-syphilitic medicines

i) Firstly, Aur. met.

ii) Secondly, Kali bich.

lii) Thirdly, Mercurius.

Medicines for weak memory

i) Firstly, Aurum met.

ii) Secondly, Gelsemium

iii) Thirdly, Natrum mur.

(Others: Anac, Phos ac, Staph.).

5 medicines

i) Firstly, Aurum met,

ii) Secondly, Calc. carb,

iii) Thirdly, Lachesis,

iv) Fourthly, Natrum mur,

v) Lastly, Pulsatilla

Bad effects of disappointment of love

Remember the tips: LAC. CAN (name of a medicine) i.e.:

  • L-Lachesis.
  • C-Calc. phos.
  • A-Aurum met.
  • C-Causticum.
  • A-Antim. crud.
  • N-Natrum mur.

Remember the tips i.e.: IVP (Intra-Venous-Push).

I-Ignatia. V-Verat. alb. P-Phos, Acid.


 i) Firstly, Aurum met.

ii) Secondly, Nux vom.

iii) Thirdly, Phosphorus.

Heart symptoms of Aurum Met.

i) Sensation as if the heart stood still.

ii) As though heart has ceased to beat, also then suddenly gave one hard thump also starts again.

iii) Violent palpitation, with anxiety.

iv) Congestion of blood to head and chest, especially after exertion.

v) Pulse i.e.: small, feeble, rapid, irregular.

vi) Visible beating of carotid also temporal arteries.

vii) Fatty degeneration of heart.

Bone symptoms of Aurum Met.

  1. Syphilitic also mercurial affections of the bones.
  2. Caries i.e.:

a) Firstly, of the nasal, palatine also

b) Secondly, mastoid bones; with excessive pain which worsen especially at night, drive to despair.

Sexual symptoms of Aurum Met.


  • Undeveloped also undescended testes.
  • Like pendent, shreds especially in pining boys.
  • Lacking in ‘boyish go’: low-spirited, life-less
  • Orchitis: sensation in glands, as if it were being crushed (Rhodo, Chamo.)


  • Prolapse also indurated uterus.
  • From either over-reaching or straining.
  • Hypertrophy of the uterus.
  • Menstrual also uterine affection with great melancholy aggravation specifically at menstrual period.
  • Foul breath of girls especially in puberty.

Headache of Aurum Met.

  1. Suitability i.e.: – Headache of people with dark olive-brown complexion; sad, gloomy, taciturn; sanguine, ruddy people, with black hair also eyes. Besides this, Old people; additionally weak vision; tired of life.
  2. Causation i.e.: -Headache from least mental exertion, of mercurial also syphilitic origin.
  3. character i.e.:
  • Congestive headache.
  • Boring also tearing in skull bones.
  • Syphilitic also mercurial affections of the bones.

     4. Concomitants i.e.:

  1. Firstly, Disposed to constipation.
  2. Secondly, Falling of the hair especially in syphilis also mercurial affections.

Mental symptoms of Aurum Met.

Mental causations i.e.: –

  1. Firstly, Grief
  2. Secondly, Disappointment of love
  3. Thirdly, Reserved displeasure (Ref. N. m. Chowdhury)
  4. Fourthly, Vexation, mortification, contradiction
  5. After that, Fear, fright
  6. Lastly, mercurial also syphilitic bad-effect.

2) Character: –

A) Suicidal tendency i.e.: – 

Constantly dwelling on suicide.

 B) Anxious i.e.: –
  • Anxious about future —> Because he has commited many unpardonable crimes also sins in past —>Now realizes them Broods over them —> Thinks himself a neglected, unwanted element in the society  —>Self-condemnation —>Melancholia of Weeping, Quarrelsome, Religious—>Anxious about future.
C) Tired of life i.e.: –
  • Profound melancholia of Weeping, Quarrelsome, Religious —>Life is a constant burden to him —>Tired of life —>Low spirited, life-less.
D) Modality i.e.: –

All mental symptoms aggravation especially At night. (3)

Excerpts (Summary)

Aurum Metallicum is a powerful homeopathic remedy known for its therapeutic potential in addressing deep-seated emotional and physical ailments. This comprehensive article explores the key characteristics, uses, and safety considerations of Aurum Metallicum, providing valuable insights for those seeking a homeopathic approach to their health concerns.
Aurum Metallicum, a homeopathic remedy derived from gold, offers a holistic approach to address both emotional and physical ailments. If you are struggling with deep sadness, suicidal thoughts, or specific physical complaints, Aurum Metallicum may be a potential solution. This comprehensive guide explores the key symptoms, uses, and safety considerations of Aurum Metallicum in homeopathic practice.

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