Aphorism 125

Aphorism 125

§ 125

Aphorism 125 :

During all the time the experiment lasts the diet must be strictly regulated; it should be as much as possible destitute of spices, of a purely nutritious and simple character, green vegetables,1 roots and all salads and herb soups (which, even when most carefully prepared, possess some disturbing medicinal qualities) should be avoided.

The drinks are to be those usually partaken of, as little stimulating as possible.2

1 Young green peas, green French beans (boiled potatoes’ in the Sixth Edition) and in all cases carrots are allowable, as the least medicinal vegetables.

2 The subject of experiment must either be not in the habit of taking pure wine, brandy, coffee or tea, or he must have totally abstained for a considerable time previously from the use of these injurious beverages, some of which are stimulating, others medicinal.

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