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Ignatia Amara


Ignatia amara itself is no longer the accepted scientific name for the plant. The current accepted name is Strychnos ignatii. However, Ignatia amara is still a recognized synonym.

Here are some other synonyms for Ignatia Amara:

  • Strychnos ignatii
  • Strychnos philippensis
  • Ignatiana philippinica
  • Strychnos balansae
  • Strychnos hainanensis
  • Strychnos ovalifolia

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1 Symptoms of Joy: 

i) Moody suddenly becomes lively happy.

ii) Finely sensitive mood.

iii) Amiable in disposition if feeling well. 

2 Symptoms of Sorrow: 

i) Moody: suddenly becomes despondent; from laughing to weeping.

ii) Persons mentally and physically exhausted by long concentrated grief.

iii) Involuntary sighing. 

iv) Desire to be alone.

v) Impatient. irresolute, quarrel some.

vi) Easily offended.

i) Involuntary sighing.

ii) Mental conditions rapidly, in an almost incredibly short-time, change from joy to sorrow, from laughing to weeping mood.

iii) Broods in solitude over imaginary troubles: desire to be alone. 

iv) Cannot bear tobacco; smoking, or being in tobacco is unbearable.

v) In talking or chewing: bites inside of cheek. 

vi) Sweat on the face on a small spot, only while eating. 

vii) Twitching, jerkings, even spasms of single limbs or whole body, when falling asleep.  

viii) Fever: red face during chill. 

i) Bad-effects of anger.

ii) Bad-effects of grief.

 iii) Bad-effects of disappointment in love. 

iv) Bad-effects from bad-news.

v) Bad-effects from vexation with reserved dis pleasure.

vi) Bad-effects from suppressed mental sufferings, 

 vii) Bad-offects of shame and mortification. 

 viii)Bad-effects of tobacco: in any form. 


i) Red-face during chill.

ii) Chill with thirst.   

iii) Ameliorated by external heat. 


i) Heat without thirst.

ii) Aggravation from covering. 


i) Sweat on the face on a small spot, only while eating.

d) Concomitant:

i) Over sensitiveness to pain.

ii) Complaints return precisely at the same hour.

iii) Pain in small, circumscribed spots. 

iv) Twitching, jerkings, even spasm of single limbs or whole body, when falling asleep.  

v) Cannot bear tobacco in any form.

Contradictions: –

  • The remedy of great contra dictions; which Dr. Nash says, a remedy of para doxicalities-viz. liquid is more painful than solid: empty feeling in stomach not relieved by eating: sexual desire with impotency etc. 

Effect of grief:

  • Person-mentally and physically both exhausted by long concentrated and continued grief; resulting involuntary sighing. 

Bad effects of:

  • Bad effects of anger, grief, disappointed love fear, jealousy, suppressed sexual desire, bad-news, vexation with reserved displeasure, suppressed mental sufferings from shame and mortification, excitation. (Ref. Kent)   

Note: -Dr. N, M. Chowdhury reports it is particularly useful after the bad-effects of grief of recent origin (For chronic long-lasting effect, Natrum Mur, Phosphoric Acid). 

Tobacco intolerance:

  • Cannot bear tobacco in any form, which always aggravates the comp saints, there is utter intolerance to tobacco. 


  • Hypersensitiveness to all the external impressions viz, pain, odour. touch etc. Dr. Farrington says, as it is pre-eminently a spinal remedy (more in degree than Nux Vom), so intensifies the impressionability of all the senses (Ref. Dr. Farrington). 


  • Desire for cold food, (Ref. Kent); acid things, onion, fruits, bread, butter, great variety of indigestible things and wants to be alone. 


  • Aversion to work, meat, milk, warm food, open air and mental exertions of any kind. 

i) Women who are habitual coffee drinkers.

ii) From paralysis of rectum. 

iii) From carriage riding.

iv) From tobacco, brandy etc.  

v) Clarke says, from taking cold. 

 Character of stool:  

i) Excessive urging, felt more in the upper abdomen.

ii) There is great pain, thus dreads to go to closet.

iii) Prolapse of ani from moderate straining. lifting or stooping.

iv) Prolapse of ani when the stool, is loose.  

v) Ineffectual urging for stool, felt more in the upper abdomen (Ref Clarke). 


i) Cannot bear tobacco.

ii) Haemorrhoid: prolapses with every stool. 

Introduction: –

It is full of headaches. Headache in nervous sensitive temperaments, whose nervous system has been impressed by anxiety, grief or mental works (Ref. Kent.) 

 TypeNeurasthemic and intense headache.


i) From tobacco.

ii) From anger, grief, sorrow, bad news

iii) From alcohol. 

iv) From close attention (Ref. Kent).

v) From abuse of snuff (Ref. Nash).


i) Temporal region.

ii) Frontal region, over the glabella.


i) As if a nail had been driven out through the temporal region, amel, by lying on the side affected.

ii) There are congestive and throbbing headaches (Ref. Kent).

iii) Tearing and pressing headache (Ref. Kent). 

iv) Great heaviness of the head, as if it were full of blood (Ref. Clarke).

Character of Pain:

i) Pain changes their locality, comes gradually or comes and goes suddenly. (Clarke)


Agg. From tobacco smoking, strong smell, When stooping, jar, motion, From reading and writing, noise (Ref. Clarke), From sun-light., From cold (Ref, Kent), When pressing at stool., From excitement, (Kent) 

Amel. i) By lying on painful side. ii) By profuse urination. By bending the head forwards,

Note: -Kent says, temporarily ameliorated by eating, but soon after aggravates. 


a) It is a remedy of great contradictions or paradoxicalities. So, mental symptoms are also con tradictory in nature.

 b) Guernsey refers, persons suffering from sup pressed or deep grief, with long drawn sighs, much sobbing and others, also much unhappiness, entirely in grief; Ignatia rescues such cases.

Bad effects of :

i) Bad effects of anger.

ii) Bad effects of grief especially of recent Bad effects of sorrow.

iv) Bad effects of disappointed love.

v) Bad effects of brooding in solitude, over imaginary trouble. 

vi) Bad effects of fright,

vii) Bad effects of reserved displeasure; suppressed sexual desire. [1]

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