Perspiration or Sweat

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Perspiration or Sweat

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Perspiration has several synonyms, depending on the nuance you want to convey:

Informal synonyms:

  • Sweat: This is the most common and direct synonym for perspiration.

Formal synonyms:

  • Diaphoresis: This is a medical term for sweating, often used in a clinical setting.
  • Sudation: Another medical term for sweating, less common than diaphoresis.
  • Exudation: This term refers to the process of a liquid being released from the body, and can be used for perspiration but also other bodily fluids.

Other synonyms:

  • Moisture: This emphasizes the wetness caused by perspiration.
  • Wetness: Similar to moisture, but more general.
  • Dampness: A milder term for wetness, suggesting light perspiration.

The best choice depends on the context. If you want to be informal and straightforward, "sweat" is perfect. For a more formal setting, "diaphoresis" or "sudation" might be more appropriate.

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