Anatomy of Ear

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Anatomy of Ear

There aren’t many synonyms for the overall anatomy of the ear, but there are specific terms for different parts:

  • External Ear

  • also known as the auricle or pinna.

  • External Auditory Meatus

  • sometimes referred to as the external acoustic meatus or external acoustic pore.

  • Middle Ear

  • no common synonyms.

  • Inner Ear

  • no common synonyms.

  • Some other terms you might encounter when discussing the ear include:
  • Tympanic Membrane

  • also known as the eardrum.
  • Auditory Ossicles

  • the three tiny bones in the middle ear, sometimes called the ossicles or hammer, anvil, and stirrup.
  • Cochlea

  • no common synonyms.

Anatomy of ear is divided into three part i.e.:

  1. Firstly, External ear
  2. Secondly, Middle ear
  3. Lastly, Internal ear or the labyrinth

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