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The Graphites:

Memory Tips for Guiding Symptoms

Hi Friends Let’s memorize guiding symptoms of Graphites through name of Medicine Graphites‘.

Grand Characteristics: Chilly, Fatty. Constipated (costive):

  • Usually suited for lady of climacteric age, -fair, fat & flabby, having irregular deposition of fat at selected locations of the body, waxy & anaemic face, split hair, unhealthy skin, brittle and deformed nails, suffering from habitual constipation and with a history of delayed menstruation. Our Graph. pt. is chilly and habitually constipated. 

Note: Dr. Tyler says, it acts best where there is a tendency to obesity. 

  • Dr. Farrington reports, this obesity is not the healthy solid flesh of the full blooded, strong, hearty, but the kind of fat of Calc.C, showing improper nutrition. 
  • Graph, patient is very chilly. Dr. N. M. Chowdhury rightly said that the term aptly sum-up the whole essence of the remedy is fatty, chilly and costive.  
  • N. B. Text says “What Pulsatilla is at puberty. Graphites is at  the climacteric”. 

Rush of blood:

A marked characteristic of Graphites is rush of blood to head with flushed face or rush of blood to head with distension and flatulence.  

Adoptability, Aversions & Desires, Air craving: 

  • Cracks and fissures on the end of the fingers, toes, nipples, labial commissures, anus, etc. between the toes are characteristic of Graph. To begin with, these cracks and fissures are often accompanied by dryness and itching. Additionally, they can be painful and bleed easily. Furthermore, they tend to worsen in cold weather or when exposed to water.
  • Desire for hot milk which relieves constipation and gastric complaints. 
  • Aversion to meat, fish, salt, cooked food and sweets (Graph.1). 
  • Master Kent in his Repertory classed in the sub rubric, Aversion to meat. Calc.1, China.1, Graph.1, Mur. Ac.1, Nux Vom.1, Puls.1, Sep.1, Sil.1., Sulph.1. -Aversion to fish, Graph.1, Colch.2, Phos.2, Z. M.2. 
  • Dr. Kent illustrates that craving for air is strong in the carbons, yet often easily chilled and just as easily overheated and complaints that come from overheating are related to the carbons. 



  • Our Graph. have dry skin as parchment paper, and perspiration is rare. Dr. Lilienthal said, as if pt. never perspires 
  • Another characteristic is that, the perspiration stains the linen yellow, Carb. An.1, Graph.1, Lach.1, Merc.1, Selen.1, Bell.2, China.2, Mag.C.2, Thuja.2. 

Hears better in a noise: 

The Graph. patient hears better in a noise, when riding in a carriage or car, when there is a rumbling sound ( 


Graph. has got irritable, melancholic temperament. Children are impudent, —teasing, laughs at reprimands.

Transparent or honey-like discharges per skin:

From the skin eruptions oozes a watery, transparent and sticky fluid: unhealthy skin. Dr. Clarke says, “the skin of Graph. is rough, hard and dry.” 

Excessive weeping from music: 

Music makes her weep, thinks of nothing but death (music is intolerable, Nat. C., Sab.). Patient is sad & despondent. Music increases all troubles. 

Sexual system of Male & Female:

  • Sexual debility from sexual abuse and decided aversion to coition (in both sexes). 
  • Menstruation of Graphites is characterized by too scanty discharge, from getting feet wet (Puls), short duration, too pale in colour like washing of the meat & also accompanied by a violent colicky pain & swelling in right ovarian region. 
  • Leucorrhoea-before & after menses: acrid excoriating. occurs in gushes, day and night. [9]


                  Note: Unhealthy skin, every little injury suppurates (Hep., Merc., Sulph.), this is a peculiarity of the Graph, skin. 

Memory Tips for Mental Symptoms

Hi Friends Let’s memorize mental symptoms of Graphites through name of Medicine ‘Graphites’.


Grief internal and despair. Melancholy with inclination to grief [8]

Restlessness- intense

intense: Intense restlessness, which drives him out of bed at night [8] 


Apprehensiveness; despondency; indecision [8] 

Prostration; during menses:

Prostration, during menses


Extreme hesitation; she is unable  to make up her mind about anything; timidity.  


  • Weeping in evening without cause; W. at trifles; at music[7] 



Melancholy with inclination to grief, anxiety about the future; and nightly restlessness driving him out of bed.  

Excessive Cautiousness:

Remembers all the events of youth, recent events are forgotten.  

Sadness with thoughts of death :

Ailments from grief or fright. Sad, fearsome, irresolute, hesitates at trifles. Grief about slightest occurrences. Internal grief and despair. Despair over trifles. Thinks of nothing but death.[5]


Graphites Introduction

Hi Friends, Now we describing Drug picture of Graphites.

Common name : Black lead, Amorphous Carbon

Synonyms : Plumbago

Family / Group / Class / Order : Mineral kingdom (amorphous carbon) 

Habit and habitat / Description : It is a blackish-Gray, soft, lustrous solid, which is composed of hexagonal crystalline scales. Additionally, next to diamond, it is the purest form of mineral carbon that occurs in nature. 

Formula / Symbols : C

Name of prover : Dr Hahnemann

Introduction and history :

  • It is a great antipsoric, polychrest remedy, which is known to the world since a very long time.  
  • It is a deep acting, constitutional women’s remedy having a respectable place among the all-important poly chrest remedies. 
  • The first idea of using it as a drug was of S. Swinhold. But in homeopathy it was introduced by Dr Hahnemann. 

Doctrine of signature :

Preparation : Trituration are prepared from the finest English drawing pencils lead. [1]


Physical make up :

  • It is best suited to women, especially stout, fat, fair and flabby, at the climacteric age having habitual constipation with a history of delayed menstruation.  
  • Unhealthy skin, anaemic face, brittle nails, split hair, timid and taking cold very easily. 

Temperament : Melancholic and irritable 

Diathesis : Tubercular

Relation with heat & cold : Chilly patient 

Miasm : Psora [1]

Clinical Features

Clinical conditions of Graphites

In Homeopathy Graphites medicine use by Homeopathic Doctors in treatment of following Disease Conditions

Acne. Amenorrhea. Blepharitis. Breasts, cancer. Breasts, indurated. Cancer. CatarrhChlorosis. Colic. Constipation. Deafness. Dropsy. DysmenorrheaEczemaFissures.Headaches. Hemorrhoid. Herpes. Hydrocele.  Nosebleeds. Obesity. Ovarian, tumors. Palpitations. Paralysis. Pruritus, vagina. Psoriasis Leucorrhea. Nosebleeds. Obesity. Ovarian, tumors. Palpitations. Paralysis. Parotiditis. PityriasisPruritus, vagina. Psoriasis. Ptosis. Scars. Scrofula. Seminal, emission. Stomach, cramps.  Syphilis.  Urine, disordered. Uterus, cancer. Vaccination, effects.  Whooping, cough. Worms.(5) 

Sites of action / Pharmacodynamics of Graphites

Mind, skin, sex organs, mucous membranes, nails, folds, behind ears, orifices, nutrition, gastrointestinal tract, glands, angles, flexors, respiratory system, etc. 

Causation (Causes / Ailments from)

Suppression of skin eruptions, overlifting, grief and vexation, extremes of cold and heat, bathing, indigestion of diet, suppression of foot sweat, fear, masturbation and sexual excesses. 

Physiological action of Graphites

  • SKIN:-Moist, sticky eruptions
    -Fissures, corns
    – Secretions acrid  
  • SEXUAL ORGANS:-Excited
    -Constipation (2) 

Patho-physiological changes / Pathogenesis of Graphites

  • It acts especially on the skin producing various types of skin eruptions with oozing of a watery, transparent, sticky fluid.  
  • It acts on the mucous membrane of the digestive system causing chronic constipation and diarrhoea.  
  • It acts on the female genital organs producing excessive menstruation and leucorrhoea.  
  • Acts upon the sexual organs, more especially on the ovaries and testes.  
  • Exerts a general influence on nutrition and upon the skin producing a very scabby eruption.  
  • Acts on the respiratory system producing respiratory complaints. (1) 


Characteristic mental symptoms (psychology)

  • Changeable mood, sad, with thoughts of death and a weeping disposition.  
  • Very timid, tendency to be frightened, dread of work, hates work. 
  • Ill-humoured, fretful, irritable, great anxiety, much inclined to grief. 
  • Very forgetful, cannot remember recent events, but can remember past events.  
  • Full of fear in the morning, child is impertinent, laughs at reprimands.  
  • Excessive consciousness, hesitates, timid, unable to decide anything. 
  • Very sad and despondent, music makes her weep, thinks of nothing but death.  
  • Sensation of a cobweb over the forehead and face; always tries to brush it off.  
  • Fidgety while sitting at work, thoughts of many things at night, which prevent sleep.  
  • Feels drunk when rising from bed in the morning.  
  • Dullness of head with attacks of dizziness. (1) 

Guiding Symptoms

  • G-Graphites suits at the climacteric. 
  • R-Restless while sitting at work. 
  • A-Affected parts emaciates. 
  • P-Prostration: during menstruation. 
  • H-Hears better when in a noise. 
  • I-Injury tends to suppurates: suppurative diathesis. 
  • T-Transparent, watery, sticky discharge from skin. 
  • E-Excoriating leucorrhoea in gushes: day and night. 
  • S-Sexual debility from sexual abuse. [11]

Generalities of Graphites

  • Great emaciation. Takes cold easily, and the symptoms are increased by becoming cold.  
  • General inclination to stretch, with drawings through the whole body. Falling asleep of various parts.  
  • Contractions of tendons. Drawing up of various parts.  
  • Violent pulsations of the whole body on every motion.  
  • Many of the pains return on beginning to walk, but many symptoms disappear after walking in the open air.  
  • Tremulous weakness of the whole body. General tendency of old people to grow fat. 

Head of Graphites

  • Rush of blood to head with flushed face also with nose bleed and distention and flatulence.  
  • Headache in morning on waking, mostly on one side, with inclination to vomit.  
  • Sensation of cobweb on forehead. Feels numb and pithy. 
  • Rheumatic pains on one side of head, extending to teeth and neck.  
  • BURNING ON VERTEX. Humid, itching eruption on hairy scalp, emitting a fetid odor. Cataleptic condition. 

Eye of Graphites

  • Ophthalmia, with intolerance of artificial light.  
  • EYELIDS RED AND SWOLLEN. Blepharitis.  
  • Dryness of the lids. ECZEMA OF LIDS; FISSURED. 

Ears of Graphites

  • DRYNESS OF INNER EAR. Cracking in ears when eating.  
  • MOISTURE AND ERUPTIONS BEHIND THE EARS. HEARS BETTER IN NOISE. Hardness of hearing. Hissing in the ears.  
  • Detonation in ear like report of a gun.  
  • Thin, white, scaly membrane covering membrane tympani, like exfoliated epithelium.  
  • Fissures in and behind the ear. 

Nose of Graphites

  • Sore on blowing it; is painful internally.  
  • Smell abnormally acute; cannot tolerate flowers.  
  • Scabs and fissures in nostrils. 

Face of Graphites

  • Color is generally pale yellow. Flushes of heat; sometimes erysipelatous inflammation and swelling.  
  • Facial muscles of one side distorted or paralyzed, making speech difficult.  
  • Sensation of a cobweb on the face. Tearing pains in the left zygoma in the evening in bed.  
  • Eruption and cracking in the corners of the lips. 
  •  Scurvy eruption on the chin and mouth.  
  • Cracking of the lower lip. Hard swelling of the submaxillary glands. 

Mouth of Graphites

  • Rotten odor from mouth. Breath smells like urine.  
  • Burning blisters on tongue, salivation. Sour eructation. 

Throat of Graphites

  • Feeling of a lump or plug in the throat, especially at night.  
  • A sensation of constriction in the Esophagus, with retching. 

Stomach of Graphites

  • Aversion to meat. Sweets nauseate. HOT DRINKS DISAGREE. 
  • Nausea and vomiting after each meal.  
  • Morning sickness during menstruation.  
  • Pressure in stomach. Burning in stomach, causing HUNGER. 
  • Eructation difficult. CONSTRICTIVE PAIN IN STOMACH. Recurrent gastralgia. Flatulence.  
  • Stomach pain is temporarily relieved by eating, hot drinks especially milk and lying down. 

Abdomen of Graphites

  • Nauseous feeling in abdomen. Fullness and hardness in abdomen, as from incarcerated flatulence; MUST LOOSEN CLOTHING; presses painfully at abdominal ring.  
  • Croaking in abdomen. Inguinal region sensitive, swollen.  
  • Pain of gas opposite the side on which he lies.  
  • Chronic diarrhoea, stools, brownish, liquid, undigested, OFFENSIVE. Very fetid gas preceded by colic. 

Rectum & Anus of Graphites

  • Tendency to prolapsus of the rectum, as if the anus were paralyzed.  
  • Burning haemorrhoids, sometimes with smarting, sore pain. 
  • Fissures, with burning, smarting and itching. 

Stool of Graphites

  • Constipation; large, difficult, knotty stools united by mucus threads. Burning haemorrhoids.  
  • Prolapse, diarrhoea; stools of brown fluid, mixed with undigested substance, VERY FETID, sour odor.  
  • Smarting, sore anus, itching. Lump stool, conjoined with threads of mucus.  
  • Varices of the rectum. Fissure of anus. [RATANHIA; PAEONIA.] 

Urinary Organ of Graphites

Turbid, with sediment. Sour smelling. 

Sexual Organ of Graphites

  • Female: Menses TOO LATE, with constipation; pale and scanty, with tearing pain in epigastrium, and itching BEFORE. Hoarseness, coryza, cough, sweats and morning sickness during menstruation. Leucorrhoea, PALE, thin, PROFUSE, WHITE, EXCORIATING, with great weakness in back. Mammae swollen and hard. Induration of ovaries and uterus and mammae. Nipples sore, cracked, and blistered. Decided aversion to coitus. 
  • Male: Sexual debility, with increased desire; aversion to coition; too early or no ejaculation; herpetic eruption on organs. 

Respiratory System of Graphites

  • Constriction of chest; spasmodic asthmas, suffocative attacks wake from sleep; must eat something.  
  • Pain in middle of chest, with cough, scraping and soreness.  
  • Chronic hoarseness with skin affections.  
  • Inability to control the vocal chords; hoarseness on beginning to sing and for breaking voice. 

Neck & Back of Graphites

  • Pain in the nape of the neck, with stiffness.  
  • Glandular swellings on the side of the neck.  
  • Small of the back feels bruised. Formication on the back. 

Extremities of Graphites

  • Pain in nape of neck, shoulders and back and limbs. Spinal pains. Pain in small of back with great weakness.  
  • Excoriation between thighs.  
  • Left hand Numb; arms feel asleep; finger-nails THICK, black, and rough.  
  • Matrix inflamed. [PSOR.; FLUOR. AC.] Oedema of lower limbs.  
  • Stiffness and contraction of toes. 
  •  Nails brittle and crumbling. Nails deformed, painful, sore, thick.  
  • Cracks or fissure in ends of fingers. Offensive perspiration of feet. 

Skin of Graphites

  • Rough, hard, persistent dryness of portions of skin unaffected by eczema.  
  • Early stage of keloid and fibroma. Pimples and acne.  
  • ERUPTIONS, OOZING OUT A STICKY EXUDATION. Rawness in bends of limbs, groins, neck, behind ears.  
  • Ulcers discharging a GLUTINOUS fluid, thin and sticky. Swelling and induration of glands.  
  • Gouty nodosities. Cracks in nipples, mouth, between toes, anus. 

Fever of Graphites

  • Chill mostly in the evening, sometimes in the morning in bed. 
  • Flushes of heat, especially at night; could not stay in bed.  
  • Burning of the feet; of the heels, especially in the morning in bed. 
  • Sweat after slight effort, frequently offensive. Sweat of the feet, which is disagreeable. (3), (4) 

Important characteristic features

Keynotes/ Redline of Graphites

  • Watery, transparent sticky honey like fluid discharge.  
  • Morning sickness during menses.  
  • Hears better when in a noise, when riding a carriage.  
  • Sensation of cobweb on face; tries hard to brush it off. (2) 

Guiding of Graphites

  • Especially adapted to women of climacteric age. Generally inclined to obesity, who suffer from habitual constipation and delayed menstruation. Tendency to put on unhealthy fat; plump, anemic, fair.
    Sensitive to cold; Chilly.  
  • Cracks and FISSURES on end of fingers of toes, nipples, labia, commissures, anus, etc.  
  • Left sided complaints. 
  • Rapid emaciation in stomach diseases.  
  • Emaciation of affected parts (Plb).  
  • Discharges:thick, sticky, offensive, honey like, foul, scanty and acrid.  
  • Sudden weakness. Cataleptic.  
  • Sourness – of taste, eructations, stools, urine, teeth, etc.  
  • Sensation of burning, NUMBNESS and deadness.  
  • General sense of uneasiness, tremulousness, sudden sinking of strength. 
  • Skin symptoms <-> digestive symptoms.  
  • Cancerous diathesis in old cicatrices. Tendency to grow cystic tumours. 
  • Dropsy. 
  • Desire:CHICKEN, beer, sweets, bland food.  
  • Aversion:SALT, SWEETS, MEAT, fish, soup, warm food, cooked food. 
  • Vertigo-< Morning on waking; looking upward; rising from stooping.  
  • Skin-Affects the folds skin, at flexures, mucocutaneous junctions, behind the ears.
  • FISSURES, where skin and mucus membrane joins.
  • THICK, hard, dry, rough (Ant-c, Fl-ac). Thickening and induration of skin.
  • ERUPTIONS. Eczema. Herpes. Psoriasis.

PQRS of Graphites

  • Skin lumpy, thick, hard. Excoriations, cracks or fissures. Gluey moisture.  
  • Moist, crusty eruptions. Obesity. Sourness. (2) 

Confirmatory of Graphites

  • Cracks, fissures, dryness, bleeding- Cracks or fissures in the ends of fingers, nipples, labial commissures. Eczema of lids, eruptions moist and fissured.  
  • Affections of skin folds, flexures, behind the ear. Skin becomes thick and indurated. Obstinate dryness of skin and absence of sweat.  
  • Crustiness- Eyelids red and margins covered with scabs and crusts, milk crusts. Crusty and scabby ulcers, moist crusty eruptions.  
  • Dry, rough skin that breaks easily and exudes a ‘gluey moisture’.  
  • Discharge, always sticky, transparent, thin, watery, may be thick honey like.  
  • Menses late, scanty, pale, delayed due to getting feet wet, irregular. (2) 

Nucleus Symptoms of Graphites

  • Firstly, this remedy is best suited for women who are inclined to be fat. Secondly, they suffer from constant chilliness. Thirdly, they have habitual constipation. Lastly, they have herpetic eruptions which crack and ooze a gelatinous fluid.(2)


Therapeutic value

Abdominal disorders, Acne, Anaemia, Barber’s itch, Breast cancer, Catarrh, Chlorosis, Colic, Constipation, Cracks, Dropsy, Ear affections, Eczema, Erysipelas, Eye affections, Fissures, Headache, Induration of the ovaries, Leucorrhoea, Lumpy goitre, Menstrual disorders, Piles, Skin affections, Styes, Urinary disorders, Whooping cough. (1) 


  • Aggravation: Cold draft, bathing, music, wet feet, light, empty swallowing, warmth, during and after menses, rich food, uncovering, cold drinks, physical exertion, before midnight. 
  • Amelioration: Hot milk, open air, eructation, eating after, wrapping up. (1) 


Remedy Relationship


Caust, Hep, Lyc 

Follows Well

Calc, Lyc, Puls, Sep, Sulph 

Antidoted By

Acon, Ars, Nux-v 

It Antidotes

Ars-i, Rhus-t 


Alum, Ant-c, Ars, Aur, Bism, Bor, Calc, Calc-ar, Canth, Carb-an, Carb-v, Caust, Euphr, Lach, Lyc, Nit-ac, Op, Paeon, Pall, Petr, Pic-ac, Puls, Rat, Rhus-t, Sil, Stram, Sulph. (2) 

Posology (Dose)


  • 3x, 6x, 12x, 30, 200, 1000 and above.
  • In specific conditions 6c to 30c. 
  • In constitutional indications high potencies, 200c and above. 
  • Locally as an ointment of 3x for cracks and skin diseases. 


Single dose of high potency is enough to be repeated when the symptoms call for it. 

Duration of action

40 to 50 days (1) 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1 Graphitis is used for which diseases? 


  • Abdominal disorders, Acne, Anaemia, Barber’s itch, Breast cancer, Catarrh, Chlorosis, Colic, Constipation, Cracks, Dropsy, Ear affections, Eczema, Erysipelas, Eye affections, Fissures, Headache, Induration of the ovaries, Leucorrhoea, Lumpy goitre, Menstrual disorders, Piles, Skin affections, Styes, Urinary disorders, Whooping cough. (1) 

Q 2. What is use of Graphites for skin? 


Causative ailments:

i) Bad-effects of suppression of skin eruptions.

ii) Phlegmonous erysipelas after application of iodine; abuse of iodine. (Ref. Farrington) 

iii) Bad-effects of repelled eruption of any kind. (Dr. N.M. Chowdhury) 


i)Graphites is a great remedy for all sorts of skin eruptions. It has a tendency towards malignancy, e.g., Keloid, fibroma, pimples; acne, eczema, cancer of the breast, hand and painful cicatrices. These have got a tendency to break open again.

ii) Erysipelas beginning in the face and spreading to other parts, migratory erysipelas (Dunham). Farrington says preventive against constitutional erysipelas). 

iii) One of the best remedies for wens found in persons of herpetic dyscrasia. 


i) Skin affections are particularly located in the bend of the joints (Hepar Sulph), on the scalp and behind the ear (Caust, Nat-m). 

ii) Eczema on the occiput. Master Kent says, eruptions (Sep. Hepar Sulph.), of elbow, groins, popliteal fossa etc. (Kent) 

iii) Eruptions upon the ears, between the fingers and toes and various parts of the body. 


Every little injury suppurates. 

Cracks and fissures at the end of fingers, on nipples, anus, vulva, labial commisures.

Itching of the skin (esp. in scalp and bend of the joint) with or without eruptions also skin is hot at night (Kent).Accordingly Nash says, the characteristic is the: glutinous (Ref. Nash)  

  1. Skin affections not inclined to heal but ulcerates readily, itching, burning, oozing.
  2. Herpetic eruptions predominates (In Petroleum, eczematous eruptions predominate (Ref. Das Gupta’s Materia Medica). All parts of the body eps. about anus and genitals.
  3. Gastro-intestinal affections alternate with acne and erythema on face (Ref, Clarke)

VII. Phlegmonous erysipelas on face with burning pain commences on right side going to left. (After application of iodine). 

Syphilitic and constitutional ulcers. 

  1. Hard cicatrices appearing after mammary abscess can retard the flow of milk also Master Kent suggests thinking of Graphites when you come across a woman who has had abscess in the breast several years before and now the flow of milk is beginning for the new-born child. There is threatened abscess by the side of the old one-nodular inflammation and induration. At the site of an old cicatric consistency of the breast is soft and normal. However, the cicatrical tissue indurates and the old scar forms a hump especially before confinement. Dr. Farrington reports of a post-operative cicatrices in eye being removed
  2. Ulcers on the margin of the eyelids, covered with crusts also styes on the lids. Additionally, eczema of the lids can cause eruptions that are moist and fissened. The lids may appear red and margins covered with scales and crust (Leader of the Eczematous affections of hids Nash)
  3. Tyler’s trio of scar tissue remedy (Dros. Sil, Graph). 

XII. Dr. N M. Chowdhury reports that skin is found to be dry and absolutely devoid of moisture and is parchment like. Accordingly Dr. Clarke says, obstinate, dryness of the skin and absence of perspiration. Dry skin, never perspires. (Ref. Lilienthal) 


  1. Exudes a watery, transparent. gelatinous, sticky fluid also Dr. Clarke says, eruptions are oozing out a thick honey-like fluid, which is a characteristic. Kent says, eruptions of the skin oozes thick, honey liquid fluid. Dr. Cowperthwaite says, corrosive discharge.
  2. Offensive discharges and secretion. (Ref. Kent)
  3. Sweat stains the garment yellow, which sour and offensive smell. 

 a) Nails: -Nails are brittle, thick, crumble. deformed. They are very painful and sore, as it ulcerated, Deformity and thickness of nails (Ref. Clarke). Nash says, nail symptom is a characteristic

b) Hair-Great tendency of falling of hairs and whiskers with nude spots on the scalp, which looks bald and shining at places. (Ref, N.M. Chowdhury) S: -As nails and hairs are specialised structures of skin, hence included under skin.

 Modalities: Agg. at night, warmth of bed (Ref. Dr. J.H. Clarke)

Agg. before and during menstruation, during change of weather, from open air (Ref. Dr. Clarke), from wrapping up.  

Amel. in darkness. 

N.B. Indicated after Sulph. in skin affections. 

P.S. Controversial points 

  1. Moist Skin-Dry skin, dryness. (Ref. Dr. Clarke. Dr. N.M. Chowdhary) 
  2. Watery, transparent. (Ref. Allen)-Thick, honey liquid. (Ref. Kent & Nash)

Q 3. How do you take graphtites? 


  • In specific conditions 6c to 30c.  
  • In constitutional indications high potencies, 200c and above. 
  • Locally as an ointment of 3x for cracks and skin diseases. 

Q 4. What is the homoeopathy antidote for graphites? 

 Ans. Acon, Ars, Nux-v 

Q 5. Describe the sexual symptoms of Graphites. 


a) Adoptability: 

i) Suited to women, inclined to obesity, who suffer from habitual constipation; with a history of delayed menses.

i) What Pulsatilla is at Graphites is at menopause.

b) Leucorrhoea:

i) Time-Occurs in gushes, days and night. Before and after menses. 

ii) Character-Acrid, excoriating.

c) Menstruation

i) Onset: -Delayed from getting feet wet.

ii) Duration: –

ii) Quantity of flow: -Too scanty. 

iv) Character of blood: –

v) Type-Irregular.

vi) Modality: – at night.

vii) Concomitant and associated symptoms:  

1) Violent colic. 

2) Morning sickness during menstruation. 

3) Very weak and prostrated.   

d) Sterility and impotency

i) Sexual debility from sexual abuse.

ii) Decided aversion to coition, in both sexes.

Note: Similar to Lycopodium and Pulsatilla in menstrual troubles. 

Q 6. Mention three medicines for burning vertex. 

Ans. i) Baryta carb. ii) Graphites. iii) Sulphur. 

Q 7. Mention three medicines for offensive foot sweat. 

Ans. i) Baryta carb., ii) Graphites., iii) Silicea.  

Q 8. State the child symptoms of Graphites.  


i) Children: -Impudent, teasing, laugh at reprimands 

ii) Cataleptic Condition-Conscious, but without power to move or speak.

iii) Takes cold easily, sensitive to drought of air.   

Q 9. State the menstrual symptoms of Graphites.  


A. Causative ailments: 

I. Menstrual trouble results from extremes of heat and cold. Moreover, Master Kent says that complaints that come from overheating are related to carbon

From getting feet wet. (Puls)

III. From grief and vexation. 

Troubles from suppression of skin eruptions.

Constitutional suitability

  • Dr. N.M. Chowdhury reports that the term aptly sum up the whole essence of Graph, is chilly and costive. It is also termed as Puls, of the climacteric age. (Ref. Dr. N.M. Chowdhury). 
  • Usually a lady of climacteric age; fair, flabby, inclined to obesity with habitual constipation: unhealthy skin and history of delayed menstruation. Dr. Farrington reports, anaemic though has a higher weight. 

Characteristic features of menstruation:

a) Time of onset:

i) Delayed menstruation: menses 6-8 weeks apart.

ii) Suppression of menses with heaviness of arms.

b) Quantity: -Too scanty (Puls). 

c) Duration: -Short (Puls).

d) Character of blood: -Too-pale. like washing of meat.


  • Before menses: Swelling and bursting pain continues during menses. in the rt. ovarian region (Ref, Clarke). 
  • During Menses: Swelling and bursting pain continues during menses. in the rt. ovarian region, Violent colicky pain during menses (++) esp. in epigastrium, (Ref. Boericke) 


  • Before Menses:

 Morning Sickness

  • During menses: Morning sickness during menstruation. 


  • Before menses: Present (before menses), the discharge is very much acrid and excoriating. It occurs in gushes day and night (++). The leukorrhoeal discharge causes great weakness in the back (Ref. Boericke)
  • During menses: Present at night and may be instead of menses (Ref.Dr. Kent). Leucorrhoea of same character. 
  • After menses: Present 

 Other concomitant factors

  • Dry cough, sweat, hoarseness, headache all appears during menses (Kent) Menses with constipation (Ref. Boericke) also Patient is weak and prostrated. 

P.S– Mammae swollen and hard with induration. 

Nipples are sore, cracked and blisters in nursing woman. (Ref. Kent) Also decided aversion to coitus. 


Agg every time she takes cold or gets her feet wet. (Ref. Dr. Clarke) 

Agg. from reaching high with arms or lifting-pain in uterus, (Ref. Dr. J.H. Clarke). 

Agg. before, during and after menses (other symptoms also aggravates). 

Agg. from exertion (Kent).  

Amel. in open air. 

Q 10. State the leucorrhoeal discharge of Graphites  


a) Onset: Before and after menses. 

b) Character of leucorrhoea: 

i) Acrid, excoriating. 

ii) Discharge occurs in gushes day and night.

iii) It makes yellow spots in the linen. 

iv) Always before and after menses.

v) Agg. in the morning, when rising from bed.

c) Concomitants

i) Painful pressure in the pudendum.

ii) Great weakness in the small of the back.

iii) Sore and cracked nipples in nursing woman( Kent)

Q 11. State the constipation of Graphites?  


a) Causation :-From suppression of skin eruptions 

b) Character of stool

i) Stool is too large, hard and knotty. 

ii) Stool in large lumps.

iii) Lumps are united together by mucus threads. 

iv) Smarting sore pain in anus after stool.

v) Long narrow stool like Phos. (Ref. Kent).

c) Modalities:- from drinking hot milk,

d) Concomitants

i) Fissures may be present in the anus.

ii) Aversion to sexual intercourse.

iii) Unhealthy skin from which oozes a watery, trasnparent sticky fluid. 

iv) No desire to go to stool for many days, requires a long time to pass the stool. (Kent)

v) It often suits to patient who have no stool except by cathartic or purgatives. 

Q 12. State the characteristic symptoms of Graphites 


i) Constitution:-Graphites is especially suited to woman at climactaric age, inclined to obesity, who suffer from habitual constipation as so, Nash sum the characteristic-chilly, fatty and costive.

Note:-What Pulsatilla is at puberty, Graphites is at menopause. 

ii) Rush of blood -A marked characteristic of Graphites is rush of blood to head with flushed face or rush of blood to head with distension and flatulence. (Kent)

iii) Mind:-Music makes her weep. Patient is sad and despondent, music increases all her suffer ings. 

iv) Sexual debility:-From sexual abuse

v) Desire and aversions i) Desire: for hot milk which relieves constipation and gastric symptoms. ii) Aversion: to meat, sweet, fish, salt etc.

iii) Decided aversion to coition, on both sexes. iv) Suppuration:-Every little injury suppurate. It is one of the leading medicine of suppurative diathesis. 

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