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Hyoscyamus Niger


Hyoscyamus niger, commonly known as henbane, is a poisonous plant in the nightshade family.

While there are no direct synonyms for the plant itself, it has several common names in different regions and languages:

  • Black henbane
  • Stinking nightshade
  • Hog’s bean
  • Jupiter’s bean

The scientific name Hyoscyamus niger is the most widely accepted and used term for this plant in the scientific and medical communities.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


i) In children: From fright or irritation of intestinal worms. 

ii) In women: During labour, during puerperal state.

iii) General: After meals. 


i) Child vomits, sudden shriek, then insensible.

 ii) Spasms: without consciousness; very restless, every muscle in the body twitches; from the eyes to the toes. (-with consciousness Strych. Stramo, N.V).

 iii) Paralysis of bladder: after labor with retention or incontinence of urine. No desire to urinate in lying in women. 

 iv) Extreme excitation of the sensorium–is the keynote. (Ref. Farrington)

 v) Characteristic debility: Prostration on every attempt to move or walk about and in paralysis of one or more muscles following the maniacal attacks. (Ref. Farrington)

 vi) Chorea with tottering gait. They seem to have abnormal impressions of distances. They reach 

for something that seems to be just within their grasp, when in reality, it is on the other side of the room. (Ref. Farrington)  

 vii) Epilepsy: Before the attack, patient complains of vertigo, sparks before eyes, and ringing noise on the ears.

 Associated features:

a) Persons of sanguine temperament, who are irritable, nervous,chaotic.

b) Bad effects of unfortunate love with jealousy, rage, incoherent speech or inclination to laugh at everything: often followed by epilepsy.

c) Lascivious mania, lies naked in bed and chatters,

d) FeverPneumonia, scarlatina-rapidly becomes typhoid with sensorium clouded, staring eyes, grasping at flocks or picking bed clothes, teeth covered with Sordes, tongue dry and unwieldy.Involuntary (Subsultus tendinum.): Stool , urine

e) Agg. a night, during menses, when lying down, from mental affections.

My tips: will be ‘Intra-venous Push’ of the medicine Lac can-thus LAC CAN IVP.  L-Lachesis.  A-Antim Crud.   C-Causticum.  C-Calcarea Phos.  A-Aurum Met.  N-Natrum Mur.   I-Ignatia.  V-Veratrum Album.  P-Phosphoric Acid.   

Dr. Nash’s trio

    • i) Belladonna,
    • ii) Hyoscyamus,
    • iii) Stramonium.

Note: -In delirium Hyoscyamus occupies a place midway between Belladonna and Stramonium, lacks the constant cerebral congestion of the former and the fierce, rage and maniacal delirium of the latter.   

i) Paralysis of bladder: after labor, with retention or incontinence of urine

ii) No desire to urinate in lying in women.

Phosphorus often cures lasciviousness when Hyoscyamus fails. 


a) Character of cough

  •  Dry, nocturnal, spasmodic, hacking cough
  •  Forcing one to bend forwards. 
  •  Spitting of saltish mucous or red bloody expectoration.
  •  Tickling, hacking cough. (Ref. Dr. N. M. Chowdhury).
  • The tickling is caused by the elongated uvula or titillation by uvula on the dorsum of the tongue (Ref. N. M. Chowdhury).

b) Modalities


  • When lying down. 
  • At night.
  • After eating and drinking.  
  • After talking or singing.

Note: –Cough of children while asleep, sleep, aggravates. (Ref.Dr. N. M. Chowdhury).   Amel.

  • When sitting up. 

c) Concomitants


  • It is a leading remedy when mania comes after an acute disease-(Ref. Nash) 

a) Causation 

Bad effects of

    •  unfortunate love.
    •  jealousy: rage
    •  Fear, fright.

b) Lascivious Mania

    • Immodest, will not be covered.
    • Kicks of the clothes.
    • Exposes the private parts
    • Sings obscene songs
    •  Lies naked in the bed and chatters.
    •  Dr. N.M. Chowdhury refers; he puts his hand on the genitals and plays with the same being devoid of all sense of decency: He thinks he is at a wrong place

c) Fears

    •  of being along
    • of poison.
    • of being bitten
    • being betrayed
    • of being sold
    • to take what is offered due to suspiciousness.

d) Delirium

    •  Delirium tremens.
    •  Increased cerebral activity, but non-inflammatory.
    •  Delirium with restlessness.
    • Jumps out of bed.
    • Tries to escape.
    • Irrelevantly answers.
    • Thinks he is in the wrong place.  
    • Talks of imaginary doing.
    •  No wants and makes no complaints.

e) Suspicious mania

    • He suspects others of making some plot against him.
    • He is very reluctant to take any medicine offered to him, as he considers every body is bent on taking his (Ref. Dr. N. M. Chowdhury)

a) Introduction

In pneumonia: Broncho-pneumonia: Influenza which turns towards typhoid. It’s peculiar mental symptoms and delirium are very important.   

b) Mental symptoms


i) Low muttering delirium.

ii) Delirium with restlessness.

iii) Jumps out from bed. 

iv) Tries to escape.

v) Makes irrelevant answers. 

vi) Thinks he is in the wrong place.

vii) Talks of imaginary doings.  

viii) No wants and makes no complaints 

ix) Pricks the bed-clothes.

x) Tries to catch some flying things.

   Dr. Allen says: "In delirium it occupies a place midway between Belladonna and Stramonium,"  

c) Lascivious mania

i) Is in the highest degree.

ii) Does not cover the secret organs.

iii) Sings obscene songs.  

iv) Kicks of the clothes.

v) Lies nacked on the bed.

d) Jealous and suspicious 

  • Thinks he is being poisoned. 

e) Physical symptoms

1) Sensorium: -Sensorium clouded. 

2) Eye: -Staring eyes. 

3) Grasping: -Grasping the flocks. 

4) Pricking: -Pricking bed-clothes. 

5) Teeth-Covered with Sordes.  

6) Tongue-Dry, and unwieldy. 

7) Stool: -Involuntary stool.  

8) Urine-Involuntary urine. 

9) Spasm- 

i) Without consciousness.

ii) Every muscle twitch in the body.

iii) From head to foot. 

10) Subsultus tendinum. (7) 

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