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Mercurius Solubilis

Mercurius Solubilis


Merc Sol is a homeopathic remedy that is a preparation of Mercurius solubilis, which is a mercuric chloride compound. Here are some synonyms for Merc Sol:

  • Mercurius solubilis Hahnemanni
  • Mercury soluble
  • Quicksilver

It is important to note that homeopathic remedies are not a substitute for medical care. If you are considering using Merc Sol, it is important to speak with a qualified homeopathic practitioner.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Mercurius Solubilis Hahnemanni 


Character of pain: Pulsating, tearing, lacerating, shooting pain into face or ears. 

Crowns of teeth decay, roots remain.


  • a) Agg. in damp weather or evening air.
  • b) Agg. from warmth of bed, from cold or warm things.
  • c) Amel. from rubbing the cheek.

i) Argentum Nit

ii) Cina.

iii) Merc. Sol. 

i) Pryalism tenacious, soapy, stringy, profuse.

ii) Foetid, coppery, metallic-tasting saliva. 

iii) Morning sickness with profuse salivation, wets the pillow in sleep. 

i) Male

Nocturnal emission stained with blood.  

ii) Female 

a) Leucorrhoea

  • i) Acrid, burning, itching with rawness. 
  • ii) Always worse at night.
  • iii) Pruritus agg. from contact of urine which must be washed off. 

b) Mammae

  • i) Painful, as if they would ulcerate at every menstrual period. 
  • ii) Milk in the breast in place of menses.

c) Morning Sickness

  • Profuse salivation, wets the pillow in the sleep.

a) Catarrh

  • i) Catarrh with much sneezing.
  • ii) Fluent, acrid, corrosive discharge.

b) Nostrils

  • Nostrils raw and ulcerated. 

c) Discharges

  • Discharges from throat or from nose are yellowish-green, foetid, pus like.

d) Nasal pones

  • Nasal bone swollen at night.

e) Pneumonia

1) Stage – Hepatisation and resolution stage. 

2) Site – Lower lobe of right lung is affected. 

3) Character of Cough – Dry fatiguing cough stitches through the back. 

4) Modalities 

Agg. i) At night., ii) When lying on right, iii) From warmth of bed,  

5) Lung – Suppuration of lung, after haemorrhages. 

f) Cough

1) Character of Cough  

  • i) Cough dry, fatiguing, racking.
  • ii) Cough appears in two paroxysms.
  • iii) Cough with utter inability to lie on right side. 
  • iv) Sputa is horribly offensive. putrid or salty taste.
  • v) Offensive odour.
  • vi) Whooping cough with nose-bleeding (Epistaxis).

2) Modalities 


  • i) At night. 
  • ii) From warmth of bed
  • iii) From lying on right side; can’t lie on right side. 
  • iv) From damp.
  • v) From tobacco smoke (Ref. Boericke). 

3) Concomitants 

  • i) Creeping chilliness in the evening. Dread of air (Ref. Boericke) . 
  • ii) Swollen, flabby, moist tongue, shows imprint of teeth with profuse thirst.
  • iii) Fluent coryza.  
  • iv) Profuse perspiration which agg. all complaints.

a) Character of Urine 

  • i) Urine is scanty, dark, turbid, bloody, albuminous and very o Greenish discharge coming from urethra.
  • ii) Quantity of urine is voided is more than the amount of water

b) Before Urination

  • i) Vesical region sore to touch,
  • ii) Frequent urging to urinate,

c) During Urination

  • i) Burning in the urethra on beginning to urinate. (Ref. Boericke)

d) After Urination

  • i) Green discharges becoming turbid and foetid. 

e) Modalities

  Agg. i) At night, ii) Burning just after urination.

f) Concomitants

  • i) Large, flabby, moist tongue having imprint of teeth with profuse
  • ii) Thirst for large quantities of cold water.


  • i) Fright.
  • ii) Suppressed foot-sweat.
  • iii) Abuse of crude mercurial preparation.

Character of stool  

  • Slimy (++), bloody (+++) with slight mucus (+) (Ref. Farrington), excoriating the anus. Stools, acrid, knotty, containing pus, viscid.

Odour of stool  

  • Very offensive (++)


  • "Can’t finish sensation". Never ‘get done’ feeling, though no more stool to come. 


  • i) Tenesmus (++). require much straining to pass (Ref. Farrington). Tenesmus during and after stool e. not relieved by evacuation is a indication of Merc. Sol.
  • ii) Colic: as from worms, with cold clammy hands (Ref. Farrington). Cutting, gripping. stabbing pain in the abdomen. 


  • i) More the blood and pain, better Merc. Sol. is indicated (Ref. Tyler).
  • ii) Dry tongue and absence of thirst (even in dysentery) is a contraindication. (Ref. Clarke)


  • a) Aggravation: Agg. at night, from uncovering (Ref. Farrington). in cool evening air (Colic Agg.). (Ref. Farrington)
  • b) Amelioration: Whilst lying down colic a bit (Ref. Farrington)


  • a) Creeping chilliness and thirst.
  • b) Colic and just before evacuation, a sick, painful faint feeling, accompanies the colic.
  • c) Flabby, moist, salivated tongue with imprint of teeth.
  • d) Prolapsus ani, when


Ailments from

  • i) Abuse of crude mercurial preparations.
  • ii) Stings of insects.
  • ii) Vapour of Arsenic or Copper. 
  • iv) Suppressed gonorrhoea and syphilis, Clinical Boils and abscesses, Psoriasis, Herpes, Zona Eczema and eruptions. (Ref. Farrington)

Appearance of the skin 

  • i) Skin is rough, unhealthy, with profuse, offensive, non-relieving sweat.
  • ii) Constantly moist skin.

Note: Persistent dryness of the skin contraindicates Merc. Sol.  

  • iii) Skin is dirty, yellow, rough, flabby. (Ref. Farrington’s Comparative Materia Medica).

Nature of skin disease

a) Abscesses
  • i) Due to unhealthy skin, every little injury suppurates. (. Hepar., Graph. Sulph.. Petrol).
  • ii) Suppurative process is slower than Hepar
  • iii) Abscesses at the root of teeth, suppurative tonsillitis. (Ref. Farrington) 
b) Ulcers
  • i) Spreads superficially, feels raw, excoriated, lardaceous surface.
  • ii) Ulcers are of irregular shape with underlined.
  • iii) The margins are everted like raw meat and the base is covered with caseous coat, having a dirty unhealthy look.  
  • iv) Ulcers bleeds easily when touched with tensive pain, 
  • v) Rapidly decomposing ulcers on legs.
  • vi) Cold abscess: slow to suppurate. 
C) Eruptions
  • i)Humid, fortid eruptions, thick yellow charge of yellow crusts from scalp. 
  • ii) Violent and voluptuous itching over whole body, principally in the evening
  • or at night. (Ref. Farrington’s Comparative Materia Medica).  
  • iii) Scratching causes bleeding. (Farrington)
D) Modalities:
  • Agg at night in wet damp weather. 
  • Agg. by perspiration. Agg. in warm room, bed. 
  • Amel, in the morning, from scratching. 


  • It is the king of antisyphylitic medicines. 


  • All complaints are agg at night: (from sunset to sunrise) and from the warmth of bed: Dr. Clarke refers all the complaints are Agg. by heat and Amel, from cold. 


  • Excessive offensive perspiration, which aggravates all complaints, Master Kent says, more he sweats, worse he is’. 

Offensive discharges 

  • All the discharges are very offensive; sweat, stool etc. even breath. 


  • There is intense thirst for large quantity of cold water although the tongue is moist. salivated, large, flabby, showing imprint of teeth. 
  • Dry tongue with no thirst is a contraindication.


  • Tremor and trembling of the parts from exertion is a general characteristic of Merc. Sol. (10) 

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