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Arnica Montana has a few synonyms, but some caution is advised:

  • Common names:

    • Mountain arnica – Straightforward and descriptive.
    • Leopard’s baneBe careful with this one! It’s also a name for the highly toxic Aconitum plant.
    • Wolf’s bane – Similar caution as leopard’s bane, this is also used for Aconitum.
    • Mountain tobacco – Not actually related to tobacco and not for smoking!
  • Less common:

    • Fallweed

Important: When referring to Arnica Montana, it’s best to stick with the established and unambiguous name "Arnica Montana" or "Mountain Arnica" to avoid confusion with other potentially dangerous plants.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Uncommon Symptoms of Arnica Montana

  • For the bad effects of mechanical injuries, even if veb received years ago; especially adapted to those who remain long impressed by even slightest mechanical injuries. 
  • Everything on which he lies seems too hard; complains constantly of it and keeps moving from place to place in scarch of a soft spot. 
  • Heat of upper part of the body, coldness of the lower. 
  • The face or head and face alone is hot, but the body is cold. 
  • Unconsciousness: when spoken to answers correctly but unconsciousness and delirium at once return. 
  • Says there is nothing the matter with him. 
  • Causation: -From injuries; from violent paroxysms of cough. 
  • Character: – Conjuctival or retinal haemorrhage. 
  • Extravasation of blood. 

Constipation of Arnica Montana

  • Causation: -Due to enlarged prostate or retro- verted uterus. 
  •  Sensation: -As if rectum is loaded; faeces will not come out. 
  •  Character of the stool: -Ribbon like stool. 
  • Arnica mont. 
  • Ammon. Carb. 
  •  Eructations: foul, putrid, like rotten eggs. 
  • Arnica mont. 
  • Hyoscyamus. 
  • Arnica. 
  • Bryonia. 
  • Pyrogen. 
  • Ammon, carb. 
  • Arnica mont. 

Nash trio of Arnica Montana

Yes, Arnica. is one of the member of Nash’s trio of restless medicines, during typhoid fever. 

  • Arnica mont. Everything on which the patient lies seems too hard; so searches for soft place 
  • Rhus. tox.: Movement ameliorates symptoms. 
  • Baptisia: Soreness, lameness and bruised feeling on the part he rested upon. So changes position to obtain relief. 
  • Soreness of part after labor. 
  • Prevents post-partum haemorrhage.  
  • Prevent puerperal complications. 
  • Retention or incontinence of urine after labor. 
  • Belching. 
  • Eructation-foul and putrid like rotten eggs.

Three Left sided Paralysis Medicine

  • Arnica mont.  
  • Lachesis. 
  • Thuja. 

Rheumatism of Arnica Montana

  • Ascending type of rheumatism of Arnica. 
  • Great fear of being touched or struck.  
  • Can’t walk erect on account of bruised pain in pelvic organs. 
  • Agg. from touch and amel. by lying down. 

For the bad effects resulting from mechanical injuries; even if received years ago. 

  • Especially adopted to those who remain long impressed by even slight mechanical injuries.
  • Mechanical injuries: esp. with stupor from con- cussion; involuntary faeces and urinal. 
  • After injuries with blunt instruments. 
  • Compound fractures and their profuse suppuration. 
  • Concussion and contusion, results from shock or injury: without laceration of soft parts.

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